November 11, 2019

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Carnival Boots 101

Carnival Boots 101

And about that BOOT question:

Personal Pic - 2011 - Persian Gold Boots

You have selected your costume and are in the process of getting matching footwear. We support boots as the footwear of choice, of course feel free to wear sandals or sneakers if that is your preference.When choosing boots here are some tips:

*Buy boots at least 1/2 to a whole size larger than what you normally wear to leave room for insoles or extra socks.
*When buying a wedge look for one with a rubber heel as opposed to a wooden or hard heel (see pic)

*Stay away from stiletto boots, if you want a heel choose stacked square heel for comfort.
*Also, pointed tip boots are not road friendly, round or square toed boots give your toes room for the jamming.
*Slouchy boots will slouch, you can get a shoemaker to add eyelets and lace up the back of your boot if it is too slack.
*Smooth leather or faux leather boots spray better and easier with regular spray paint. For suede boots buy fabric spray paint.
*Consider covering the boot in fabric, again a shoemaker can do this for you.
* With patience, primer and a steady hand any boot can be transformed with spray paint to match your costume.
*Say no to fur.

Where to buy boots online:

You might also be interested in how to add glitter to your boots and do it yourself decorating tips:

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