The Carnival Goddess; we have all seen their perfectly toned bodies showcased in the tiniest of costumes exploding from a sea of feathers. These divas of the road effortlessly navigate the streets in four inch heels, while their perfectly made up smiling faces are always photo ready to an adoring crowd, all without breaking a sweat. The idea of this Carnival Goddess reigning supreme may seem intimidating to the average masquerader, but here is how you can release the inner Goddess waiting to break free and play a mas

  1. Choose a costume that flatters your best assets. You do not need to be rail thin or have the perfect body to look gorgeous in your costume. Don’t let the models at launch and the website fool you, the average masquerader does not come in those proportions. That being said make sure your costume supports you adequately, covers the areas that you are not so happy with and most of all be realistic in the style of costume versus your body type. Monokinis, whole pieces and corsets are great alternatives to two pieces while a high waist underwear is sometimes more flattering that a string thong or low cut bikini bottom.10991239_10152765441645777_4146192329874313504_n


  1. Make the effort for makeup. Even if you choose to do the minimum when it comes to makeup on an everyday basis, for Carnival just adding a bit extra can make a world of difference especially in your photographs. Invest in a good primer, waterproof products, pigmented eye shadow, long wear lipstick and false eye lashes for the day. Alternately you can apply gems (pick them up for cheap at any craft store) with spirit gum for additional sparkle. Youtube tutorials are your best friend if you have no clue on how to apply makeup.10420119_10152767476565777_8552811720172314707_n


  1. Nude fishnets are your legs best kept secret. Many of the Goddesses choose to go tights free, showing off the results of all those leg days with their perfectly defined thighs. Realistically, some of us mere mortals do need tights to give your legs a flawless look. We have found nude fishnets to offer the most natural looking coverage and you can find your perfect shade thanks to Carnivalista. For those wanting that extra oomph, you can also get fishnets with sparkle!10403259_10152770336590777_1968066968531158452_n


  1. A little pampering goes a long way. Schedule a spa day to get your nails done, brows shaped, eye lash extensions, wax all areas that need to be waxed and if you can afford it, throw in a body scrub as well. You can also do some of these treatments at home, indulge in some me time like our Goddesses do.11022406_10152770248430777_7760471830420915489_n


  1. Fake that tan and bronzer. Contrary to popular belief spray tans are not only for the paler complexions. I have found that spray tan works wonders to even out your complexion, covering blemishes and it’s the perfect base to add a bronzer. Get tanned as close to Carnival Monday as you can and get bronzed on the day itself. Faux tans last about two weeks while bronzers last 24 hours. Alternately you can just spend at day at the beach (please use sunscreen) and add bronzer yourself.10993472_10152770248370777_8510964911774159962_n


  1. Be road prepared. Goddess normally come with their own concierge and road handlers to assist them should the need come up, however this is a luxury not all of us can subscribe to. This means that your road pouch/tote must be cute and also contain the vitals to help you survive minor road mishaps such as a run in your stockings or a broken bra strap. These are the basics to have on hand : safety pins of varying sizes, clear nail polish, makeup blotting sheets, extra lipstick, wet wipes, eye drops (for contact lens wearers), band aids, pain killers. Also, if you do need a drinks runner or someone to help you with a backpack , make sure your bestie or significant other plays in the same band as you!teaser collage TOTE-ESHOOT


  1. Have fun with your hair. If you are a bun or ponytail type of chick, Carnival is the best time to experiment with a different look. Extensions can range from the cheaper side to the more expensive “virgin hair”. You can add in length and colour with clip in extensions, ponytails, braids or even a wig. Being a Goddess is all in the transformation process and hair is one of the easiest ways to switch up your look.11115646_10152863280820777_6904173818281992953_n


  1. Strike a pose. Making memories with photographs is probably one of the best ways to capture a moment. And what better way to feel like the superstar you are than to schedule a Carnival portrait session with a professional photographer. Some photographers offer Carnival photo sessions before you hit the road while others set up post Carnival photo shoots, whichever you choose this is one of the most fun ways to show off your inner Goddess. And if you are on a budget, find a friend with a good camera and a good eye.10991397_10152765438395777_9090091673973893165_n


  1. Fab footwear. Ditch the sneakers, sorry, but a Goddess would NEVER deign let trainers touch her feet outside the gym. Our footwear of choice to complete your costume is boots. From ankle boots to thigh high, choose one that accentuates with a colour that matches your costume of choice. If you want to take it one step further, you can even have your boots decorated with gems, feathers, sequins and stones. From DIY to giving it over to a professional, make sure your feet are fancy! On that note, even though stiletto heels are strictly Goddess territory you can give your feet a boost with comfy rubber soled wedge boots.12250098_1001463076559717_4428361692402880679_n


  1. Confidence is Key. Being a Goddesses is all about attitude and no matter what shape or size, you need to OWN that road .Carnival Tuesday is not the day to be a wall flower. Not if you’re been planning all year for these 24 hours. What’s the sense choosing all those fabulous feathers to hide behind a truck all day. Find your spot and play your mas.