April 21, 2019

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J’ouvert Bands

Some of the popular J’ouvert bands for an unforgettable J’ouvert experience in Trinidad & Tobago for Carnival.

Clay J'ouvert

The name CLAY has appeared actively over the last few years in the
entertainment landscape associated with a J’ouvert experience that
celebrates traditional Mud Mas and a marketing identity that has aligned
itself to the golden era of 1970s and 80s Trinidad Carnival.
The tag line… “A Classic J’ouvert with a Modern Edge” has become
synonymous with Clay and their sound referencing of Trinidad.

Caesars Army AM Bush

CAESAR’S ARMY A.M Bush alternative J’ouvert is the most sought after J’ouvert for Trinidad & Tobago Carnival, Crop Over and Jamaica Carnival. Link a ROMAN.

Dirty Dozen J'ouvert

Dirty Dozen J’ouvert premiered on J’ouvert Morning at Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2010. With a completely sold out band, we paraded through the streets, bringing back J’ouvert to the way it used to be – lots of mud, lots of paint, and lots of powder – but also with lots of drinks and food for the All Inclusive vibe.

iCandy J'ouvert

The concept of I Candy J’ouvert is to give the people of Central Trinidad the uptown experience closer to home. The first phase of the plan was the Band Launch and cooler party, which on December 10th 2011, attracted over 2000 patrons all of whom were left with a thirst for J’ouvert morning. I Candy was an idea that worked beautifully when the band hit the road for the first time in 2011 with over 800 patrons revelling the streets of Chaguanas in grand style.

Nasty Devils J'ouvert

The Ultimate J’ouvert Experience!

Fantasy J'ouvert

Red Ants J'ouvert

We Love J'ouvert