May 21, 2019

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Know Your Fetes

Know Your Fetes

All-inclusive fetes:

As the name suggests this is the type of fete where you pay one price and have everything included; food, drinks and entertainment. Most all inclusive fetes will serve a variety of drinks including rum, vodka, wine and scotch with the “premium” (read more expensive) All Inclusive Fetes adding champagne, cognac, cocktails and various colours of the ever popular Johnny Walker to their drinks menu. Food is often the main attraction for some at an All Inclusive Fete and the menus range from bake and shark, corn soup, gyros, gourmet doubles, roasted pig, stuffed crab dumplings in curry sauce to sushi, shrimp cocktail, oysters and local “wild meat”. Themed All Inclusive Fetes may also offer a menu to go with the theme, for example the African Menu at UWI Fete’s Zangalewa.
All Inclusive Fetes can be held at daytime starting around noon for the earliest or at night. Daytime all inclusive are usually held at a scenic venue, could be overlooking a beach, and people are dressed in their best “resort” type attire or if it is dress code specific All Inclusive Fete like Hyatt’s Lime you are asked to wear a specific colour. At night you can be partying at an All Incluisve held at a local sport celebrity’s mansion or a dressed up public space like the Oval Carpark.
Because of the price all-inclusive fetes are where you go to mingle with the local celebrities, politicians and the who’s who of Trinidad social circles. Rule of thumb is the more expensive the fete the more dressed up the women and men are going to be and the longer it takes for them to loosen up. At some All Inclusive fetes you will not expect to see anyone dropping on the floor and rolling or bubbling on a DJ! Even though All Inclusives are generally priced well above a minimum of $600.00TT/$100.00US some may also offer a tiered system of pricing offering a cheaper section with less amenities or a VIP section with additional extras not offered to the general patron.
Expect several live bands at most All Inclusive Fetes, with the exception of Beach House where it is party by DJ only. These days you can also find lots of extras thrown in for All Inclusive partygoers like makeup artists, masseur, taxi service, party favors and even gift bags.

Tickets for the very popular All Inclusive fetes are difficult to procure as they are not sold online or at a ticket outlet ,only via committee and those that do score these enviable tickets tend to act with the smugness of someone wining a lottery.

UWI All inclusive
Bishops All-inclusive
Central Bank
Misty Ridge
Fall Out
Hyatt’s LIME
The Beach House Carnival all-inclusive fete
Brian Lara all-inclusive

Semi Inclusive Fete
These fetes include something extra in the price but not the full nine yards like an All Incluisve Fete. So, you may get drinks inclusive and some complimentary doubles and corn soup upon leaving the party or you may get food included and have to pay for your drinks. Priced cheaper than your regular All Inclusive usually this may be a good option for those who do not wish to have food at a fete or the non drinkers who still wish to have something to nibble on during the fete.

Some Semi Inclusive fetes will headline a live band or two while others may just be DJ only. Tickets are usually sold via committee, at a specific location or online.
Semi Inclusive

Soca 4 U
Tribe Ignite 

Soca Jams:
These are the type of fetes that attracts thousands of people, offer several live bands on the lineup and is usually held in  a large open space such as the Queens Park Savannah. Priced competitively, these are usually the cheapest fetes  and you can source tickets for them easily at a ticket outlet or in some cases online.

Although there is a one tier ticket system for these fetes you may find a few offering a VIP section that includes either an all inclusive or semi inclusive option. The attraction of a Soca Jam for most people apart from price is the fact that you will see most of the big bands and soca artistes perform at these events.

Be warned crowd response at these fetes is very enthusiastic and you may see several “crews” roaming with their Flag throughout the fete.
Soca Jam:

Customs Boys’ annual Pan-o-Brass-Pan
Soca Monarch Final
Army Fete
Fire Fete
W.A.S.A. Fete
Theme Fetes:
Any fete where you are instructed or expected to wear a specific colour or accessory. At some of these themed fetes the dress code is strictly enforced while others are a bit more lenient. You can usually expect a live band or guest artistes at these fetes and tickets are sold via a committee or online.
Theme Fete:

Wicked in White
Girlz Gone white 
Sexy In Black 
Eyes White Shut
Boat Rides/Cruises
Taking the fete out to sea is very popular during Carnival on several party boats like the Treasure Queen. There are boat rides that do early morning fetes or nightly sailing. Boarding is usually a few hours before actual sailing time at Chaguaramas and the sail takes you in the general “down the islands” area and back. Some boat rides allow you to bring coolers while others you have to pay for drinks with complimentary shots on board or drinks prior to boarding and a couple are all inclusive with drinks and food included.

There is no live band on a boat ride though a soca artist or two may pop up for a solo guest performance. Sourcing tickets for boat rides is usually done via a committee; you may be able to get a few online for sale.
Boat Ride:

Puro Blanco
Buenos Dias 
S.S. wassy Boat Ride
Silent Morning
Cooler Fete
Walking with your own drinks is quite possibly one of the cheapest fetes you can have for Carnival. At a cooler fete you are allowed to stock a cooler (there are rules as to what time they are permitted in the event and glass bottles are forbidden) and party in a generic open space for a couple hours with a DJ. Expect a few soca artists to show up for a guest appearance at the more popular cooler fetes.

Tickets are usually sold via committee or online.
Cooler Fete:

Cool it 
Blue Range Cooler Fete

Breakfast Parties:
Starting in the wee hours of the morning and going until the blazing sun comes up, these fetes held on Carnival Sunday round out the fete season for many party goers. Drinks and breakfast is included in the price. Breakfast can range from local favourites of sada roti, bake and buljol to pancakes and omelets.

Expect guest performances by soca artistes, live bands and getting soaked by foam and/or water
Breakfast Parties:

Sunny Side Up
Diamond Vale Breakfast Party

Out Door Fetes:

Any fete held at Anchorage, Mobs 2, Pier 1, and other open air venues. These parties are somewhat like the Soca Jam in that they attract a lot of people, might have more than one live band, but they are usually priced more and attract a different crowd. Drinks and/or food are not included in the price though there might be a VIP area offering these extras.
Tickets can be sourced via committee, online or at a ticket outlet.
Outdoor Fete:

Bacchanal Wednesday
UWI Splash 
Girl Power 
Panorama Semis
This has turned into a fete of its own since the addition of live performances by soca artistes, rhythm section and DJs. You can purchase an all inclusive package from various “crews” where food drinks and a homogenous T shirt/Vest/Baby Tee is provided in your kit. These packages range from $200 – $300.00TT excluding the price of your ticket and are offered by corporate entities , party committees and mas bands.

Panorama semis is an all day fun lime and it is not necessary to join a crew to enjoy panorama, you can do your own lime walking with cooler and a pot of pealau or just purchase drinks and food at the venue.

Panorama Semis is held at the Queens Park Savannah and it is advisable to get advanced tickets from NCC (National Carnival Commission).
Panorama Semis Crews:

Caesar’s Army
Red ants

After Carnival Cool Down:
Post Carnival fete normally held at a public beach . Most are free to the public and offer a live DJ, attracting hundreds of people and traffic. I have seen an increase in organized fetes on Ash Wednesday so look out for those events as well. As usual, tickets sourced via committee.

After Carnival Cool Down:
Moonlighting Cruise
River Luau
Wild Meat Cooldown

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