1. Soca Does Give Me Powers


Ever sit down in your car or at work in office and hear a certain song from your favorite soca artiste that makes you feel to be instantly jamming in a fete? Not to mention people under the influence of soca music have been known to indulge superhuman acts of scaling walls, wining upside down on a pole and even being able to heft the most sizeable women in one go.





2.Sexy people, sexy people everywhere

Do you ask where are all these gorgeous women and sexy men are  hiding all year ? Carnival time brings out the FINEST specimens of both sexes from the woodwork. The best part is that you get to run into them at seemingly every fete you attend, plus the smorgasbord of eye candy on the road is enough to make you drool, literally.  At this time of year we say thanks to all the men and women who spend the rest of their 363 days of the year at the gym.

Photo Courtesy - Devi Nath
Photo Courtesy – Devi Nath

 3. Freedom

Think about it , when are you ever going to have the gumption to walk the streets unperturbed in a bejeweled bra and decorated bikini bottom? Outside of J’ouvert, would you ever dream of  gleefully being  bathed in mud, oil, paint and powder? And when are you ever in anticipation of going to a fete at 3 am hoping to leave soaking wet and grimy? There is a freedom in Carnival that, allows you to liberate yourself from preconceived notions, judgement from others, leave hangups at home and truly just enjoy the euphoria of the moment.

Photo Credit - Devi Nath 2014
Photo Credit – Devi Nath 2014



4. It’s a  friends and family reunion

For me this is the BEST part of Carnival, reconnecting with the people I have spent months chatting with on whatsapp and Facebook groups. From choosing costumes, to boots, to what fetes we are going to, when we do meet it is a huge reunion of kindred spirits who may not all physically be in the same space throughout the year. Lasting friendships have been made from our Carnival connections.

Photo Credit – Devi Nath


5. Costumes, costumes and more costumes

This is the reason I LOVE Carnival, the pageantry is my addiction. A costume can literally make or break my Carnival experience. From the anticipation of Band Launch season when I get to choose my costume to the  excitement of actually getting ready to wear it, I countdown the days to that moment, adorned in feathers,when I can parade on the streets  in full glorious splendor .

Photo Credit - Devi Nath
Photo Credit – Devi Nath
Photo Credit – Devi Nath

6.  Motivation to actually go to the gym

It’s not only about looking good for Carnival but also building stamina and endurance for the hectic pace of Carnival season. When the number of days left until you hit the road start getting fewer you will get your butt off the couch and try at least to get active or just say no to cookies. Of course the “side effects” of getting fit, a regular gym schedule and practicing healthy eating habits is a bonus when you have to wear those skimpy costumes.



7. Being single is a bonus this time of the year.

You can spend your Christmas sad and blue that you didn’t have a boo, come Valentines you may have one …or two especially since it falls on Carnival Saturday this year! Listen, single people rejoice that you are single for Carnival , there is no better time of the year to indulge in your freedom. No need to think of ways to subtly tell your significant other you are feteing with friends without them or try to explain that a wine is just a wine or to budget for fete tickets by two (credit daniel). You are the master of your Carnival social life, no “passport” needed from the spouse, no screw pan to deal with when you stumble home in the wee hours of the morning after a fete and no ducking the camera man who just might catch you in a compromising position with somebody you have to lie and say is a “nobody”. .



8. Being mischievous without guilt

My friends and I make it a mission to not only paint all the hot men we see at A.M. Bush J’ouvert (getting it all in that six pack) but to take a wine tax from them as well, just wine and keep it moving. All in good fun of course, and this is quite possibly the only time of the year we are so benevolent to strangers.


9. On the road we are all one big happy family

We tend to forget  the fact that race, politics, crime and classism monopolize many of our daily interactions for these two days of the year. When we get together, in costume, on the road it  becomes a melting pot of persons from different socioeconomic backgrounds, races and political affiliations as one tribe. You pledge allegiance to your band, your fellow masqueraders are your new friends and wining on bumsees has no discrimination of colour, creed or race.


Photo Credit - Devi Nath
Photo Credit – Devi Nath

10. National Pride

Trinidadians generally take pride in simply just being Trini, however for Carnival we get especially patriotic over our National Festival. We boast to ALL our friends overseas that our Carnival is the best ever, encourage them to come and have the experience themselves and we will go to lengths to ensure that our visitors have a great time. There is a special feeling we get seeing our costumes splashed across international media and ratings that describe Trinidad Carnival as one of the best Carnivals of the world. The greatest festival on earth indeed.


Photo Credit – Devi Nath