1. You can save the money you would feel obligated to spend on dinner, roses, chocolates or cheesy stuffed animals as part of a couple, be selfish and buy yourself a fete ticket or brand new fete outfit.

frontline the fete

2. Who needs to splurge on a fancy three course dinner with Carnival one day a way? Carbs are not your friend and salad for dinner is just a waste. Think of how hot you will look in your costume without those extra calories and bloating from too salty overpriced food.

valentines dinner

3. All the eye candy your little heart can desire at the fetes that weekend,starting with Candy Coated Cruise and Frontline on Carnival Friday straight into AM BUSH, Soca Brainwash and cANYAval on Saturday. You are single enjoy wining on the smorgasbord of other single (or temporarily single) beautiful people… where all them gyal come from daddy?

semis2015greens (10)

4. While the rest of the world will be forcing commercialized romance and token expressions of “love” down your poor throat , in Trinidad the only thing that matters is that it’s Carnival Saturday. Costume pick up, kiddies Carnival, lounging at Maracas and fetes are the order of the day. Valentine’s? Ain’t nobody got time for that !


5. It’s a well known fact that the euphoria of Carnival works like Prozac ; you are immune to negativity, tabanca or feeling sorry for yourself that you are single. In fact , at no other time of the year is it better to be shackle free from relationship headaches of dealing with a significant other who doesn’t understand the culture of Carnival, you know , the one who gets sour if you even look at a next bumper on the road, fight if you jam a bumper too long. Soca superpowers include the ability to make exes invisible (walk past you like I never knew you game is strong) and genuine happiness that Carnival is here, no time for worries or stress. It’s the most awesome time of the year .