If you are reading this, my assumption is that you are a culprit of one or more of the following offenses or knows someone who has many violations in his/her records.  Here’s a quick guide on how to NOT be Annoying AF when requesting fete tickets.

  1. Do not fight down Private Ryan in the comments sections of his Instagram because you cannot click fast enough to purchase your Soca Brainwash ticket on its release date. There are only so many tickets  that can be sold  for any event,  chances are if  you are not  fast enough, you have to find a committee link  or buy from someone  who is selling over with little to no  mark  up.
  2. Do not message “strangers” you absolutely do not know and send them a list of 8 people that you need tickets for. Be courteous,  at least introduce yourself, before such an insane request.
  3. Do not send a list of 16 people that you need tickets for and then the next week when you, by some miracle,  get through,  message the SAME committee member “Hey I forgot I needed 4 more tickets” when you don’t even have a link for your damn self.
  4. Do no WhatsApp call someone when you are not a contact on their phone. That is realllllllly creepy and annoying.
  5. Do not call committee members after 8 p.m. or before 8 a.m local time for tickets. WTH! Your call will be ignored.
  6. Do not play BIG LINK amongst your friends, boasting that you have the inside access to carnival fete tickets when your hustle is smallsin’ committee members in their DMs. Humble yourself.
  7. If you message someone for tickets for an event and they nicely assisted you one time, do not message them the following year requesting tickets for 10 events that they are not even on committees for.
  8. Do not complain on Trinidad Carnival Diary about ticket prices and in the same breath, hustling to find a link to purchase the same tickets you bun down in the comments section.
  9. If by the grace of God someone that you barely know does you a favor and gets you a fete ticket, pay for it in the allotted time!
  10. Do not request tickets from a committee member and have a list of excuses as to why you cannot pay because you are so busy… Guess what? The rest of us have  jobs too. Our job is not to approve your ticket 10  different times!
  11. Do not harass committee members to deliver tickets to your home. This is not a ticket delivery service. Make the necessary arrangements to meet the committee member at their home or agreed upon location.
  12. Do not ask someone to save tickets for you if you know your plans are shaky AF. First Come First Serve!
  13. Do not wait until last minute to request tickets for events when you had a whole month to do so.
  14. Do not beg for tickets on Facebook after the event is sold out.
  15. Do not purchase tickets from someone, change your mind, then ask for a refund. No pal, you on your own.
  16. Do not ask committee members to meet you outside the venue to buy tickets. What? You think they don’t want to fete too?
  17. Do not beg for extra bands for VIP/Committee areas. The answer is NO!
  18. Do not beg for COMPS!!!! No really. DONT!