November 20, 2019

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This weekend kicked off band launches for Caribana 2007 with presentations from Callaloo, Toronto Revellers and newcomer to the Caribana circuit Tribal Knights.

Photos from both Tribal Knights and Toronto Revellers can be seen on


The colours and headpiece
reminds me of TRIBE 2004

I am liking the design on the bra and belt,
though the colours are channeling Titania 2005:

The corsette option for this costume is cute:

LOVE this full figure model totally rocking this costume:

I am not into black costumes, but check out the handcuffs!

The following Band Launches are still to come so for all those in Toronto make a note of the dates!:
Louis Saldenah “Rain forest” – May 19th
Carnival Nationz “The Big Top” – May 26th

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