October 21, 2019

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And the North American Band Launches heats up!

And the North American Band Launches heats up!

Well I was actually expecting to be updated with all things Caribana from my regular source Kara but it seems like launches are earlier this year and it catches everyone by surprise – even VETERANS! As you know, I do not offer my usual critique of costumes I have not had the pleasure of seeing in person, however, from what I have seen so far, things looking VERY DYNAMIC from a special “lil designer buddy” of mine. He offered a sneak peek that I have shared with you and while I have seen the complete picture which is absolutely gorgeous, I am intrigued to see what you guys think of this EMPIRICAL costume in two weeks! Last year he had success with a sold out section in a record 4 hours flat (remember Unicorn?) – so let’s see what 2012 has in store.
 I must be honest, I was not initially impressed with the color choice. For me, pink is a color I played in this year and I never repeat colors much less in the same year BUT who says I cant make an exception… Frontline – LOVE IT!!!!! 

Word is that REAL MEN WEAR PINK – Let’s hope this DOMINION joins the echalons of Apache and forms a PINK EMPIRE for 2012! 
And OF COURSE, what is Caribana without a lil bacchanal – better yet, what is my blog without the REAL DEAL… 
 The word is, Caribana is in store for a new fusion of Trini styles tastefully done and switching the gears on customers and truly putting the power in their hands – choosing ANY OPTION you want for the road and completely doing away with the term FRONTLINE. It seems that with this designer and his OVER THE TOP designs, FULLY LOADED is the way to go! 
Although playing nice, “banditing” a few sections and churning out new looks for Caribana 2012, I’m still waiting for him to flex his creative muscles man. To me, I haven’t noticed anything of true note, all stuff I saw before but really, REALLY well done. I saw a backpack that I am in LOVE with, last year he did it with the white and this year he does it with the BLUE!! BRAZIL is the one to look out for, remember you heard it here first!
 So, who can’t get costumes back from production yet? who protecting photos from shoots from who? Whose costumes ALREADY shot? And who just NEED ah SHOT of ADRENALINE! Lawd, seems like these North American bands don’t only COPY Trini costumes but also de behavior boy… All will be revealed on April 21st AND 28th … See if you could read between the lines and decipher all the good DRAMA that lives in these EMPIRE states of MINDS! 

Oh and by the way, most of you should already know that I am talking about DesigningDARYL
Dexter’s Tribal Knights – April 14th – CANDYLAND
Carnival Nationz – April 21st – EMPIRES
Saldenah Mas – April 28th – FANTASY in JEWELS

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