June 16, 2019

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Are you happy with your costume..take two?

Are you happy with your costume..take two?

Last year there were some major issues with costumes in TRIBE, no one can forget the Silver Mist fiasco or even the fact that some sections (Isis option B, Sun Goddess) had smaller headpieces than what was advertised. Then there was the Mystique drama of the missing frontline wings that were never delivered and the headpieces that were VERY late in getting to the masqueraders.

One would hope that the designers and producers learned from 2008 and 2009 would see costumes delivered to the masquerader just as advertised. So far everyone I know who has collected their costume is very happy, loving the fact that the costume looks like what was modeled at the launch, in some cases the costumes look even better upclose. I am totally in LOVE with my costume, it is gorgeous, as well the other costumes that I have seen are very nice and look like the prototype; no surprises.

Unfortunately two masqueraders in Pheasant Frontline wrote me yesterday to say that they were both disappointed in their costume:

Dear Saucy,

I am writing to let you know how very disappointed I am with Tribe this year.

I am a Peasant front line masquerader and I collected my costume on Tuesday only to be informed that my backpack was not ready and that I would be contacted and it would be delivered in 3 days… I am still waiting to be contacted, and I have not yet gotten my backpack.

This service is beyond poor since I have spent US$1000 on this costume. Also, the costume is gold when it was shown as bronze, the workmanship is very poor and the neck piece is a thin piece of cardboard with 6 strings attached. It is NOTHING like the prototype.

Disappointed Tribe Masquerader

Dear Saucy,

I am writing to inform you as a fellow tribe masquerader about my unhappy situation. I paid tribe $6,000.00 (before costume collection date, I might add), only to realize on Tuesday when it was Pheasant scheduled pick up that my back pack for the frontline was not ready. I said okay calmly as they reassured me that Saturday for the latest the rest of my costume would be delivered to me. It is Saturday night at 8:40 and still no call, or email from Tribe. To add insult to injury, when I received my costume the colour of the waist band and bra top was not the same as advertised in their book or mas camp. It is not a bronze gold but an ugly very yellow gold. Yuck?! Not to mention the neck piece and arm bands are completely different to the frontline picture shown on their website. I am very disappointed with Tribe this year after playing with them for the past 4 years and never having any problems. This is also the first year I decided to play in the frontline…. what a bad decision to spend that kind of money to be treated this way.

Thanks for hearing me out,

a VEX phesant frontline

Now since I am a bit detail oriented and examine all the costumes over and over I distinctly remember Pheasant being gold, however in the “professional” photographs it definitely shows as more bronze than gold and is misleading in expectations of the colour:

TRIBE Brochure:

TRIBE Launch (taken by me)

TRIBE Website

TRIBE Mas camp (taken by me)

And these are the photographs of the costume taken by one of the disappointed and vex Frontline Pheasant masqueraders after she collected on Tuesday:

To me there is a slight difference in the shade of gold, maybe it is the lighting, but I can see if you were expecting the costume to be bronze how the gold could be jarring. On another note the necklace is not as full or as wide the prototype and the bra is missing some of the gold beads; I am only seeing three where the prototype has six. Other than that the costume, in my opinion, looks just as decorated as the original.

What the masqueraders also expressed to me was the fact that there was a lack of communication from the mas camp as to when their backpack would be ready, as they were told “three days” from Tuesday and up to Saturday had received no communication as to when they would be able to collect. A situation I can empathize with them in as I had the same thing happen to me and my back pack last year.

On a good note, I was informed that last night one of the masqueraders did get a call to collect her back pack and she said “ it was just as expected… no surprises thankfully!

So for all of you who have collected so far, are you happy with your costume? Anything missing? Are there less beads or feathers than the prototype ? Let me hear your thoughts, leave a comment!

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