November 12, 2019

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Battle of the Budget Bands – Carnival 2018

Battle of the Budget Bands – Carnival 2018

Last year we highlighted three Carnival bands offering pocket friendly options to masqueraders who were looking to secure a costume within a limited budget. The trend continues for Carnival 2018 with some of the big bands also getting in on  this market for more affordably priced costumes, if you are a young tertiary student you have even more options for savings as everyone seems to be offering an incentive package catered to this age group.


  1. PETLEMAS –  The student option for this band is extend to EVERYONE until September 30th, with a fully all inclusive two day package,  Monday wear and  costume for $1600.00TT/$267.00US . or

$1600 Student Option Costumes available for all PetleMAS 2018 sections. Plus Full All-Inclusive and Ladies Monday Wear Outfit!

Just show your student ID.

Visit our Showroom or Call or Whatsapp our hotline: 342-4314.

RATED E for Everyone
(This promotion is open to non-students for a limited time!)
Deposit – $500
Special Ends September 30th 2017!!!



2. SHOWTIME CARNIVAL – There are three package options to choose from with the cheapest starting at $1499.ooTT/$250.00US. All options are  shown on their website




3. MARDI GRAS – The cheapest of the lot, albeit they do not call  themselves a Mas Band, but rather a “street party”. The costume options are very simple however we have seen this band grow exponentially over the past 4 years, with a strong following. Prices remain at $1100.00TT/$184.00US with custom costume  upgrades available.




4. YUMA VARSITY – Limited to tertiary students ages 18 to 25, you get the same YUMA all  inclusive package,  vibes and experience for $3660.00TT/$587.00 US (male package also the same price).|yvarsity




5. FANTASY CARNIVAL – Student only section for ages 18 to 27, proof of enrollment required. You can own the road, and enjoy Fantasy Carnival’s all inclusive experience for $2995.00TT/$499.00US. Register online at




6. PASSION CARNIVAL –  Dubbed the “youth section” NEOLAIA is targeted for tertiary education students up to age 24. The cost is $2895.00TT/$482.00US. Information on this section  is available at their mas camp or Facebook page:

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