May 24, 2019

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Beast Mode – Jeffrey Ng Chow

Beast Mode – Jeffrey Ng Chow

1. First thing first, what’s your date of birth?

Nov 2 1983

2 Height, weight, body fat percentage ?

5 feet 9″ 165 lbs, body fat around 10%

3. Besides training like a beast, what’s your occupation?

Since I got into the fitness lifestyle, my love for it grew to the point where I opened my own business around it and now I distribute nutritional sports supplements to gyms, pharmacies and stores


4. Carnival baby or Carnival newbie, what year did you start playing Mas?

Started playing mas in 2008 and since then have never missed a year!

5. We know you were not born with this body, when did you start training and what was the reason you decided to make fitness a way of life ?

I was always an active person but I only got serious when I tried out a new sport to Trinidad called Dragon Boat Racing. I thought I was fit before I tried out for this but I was wrong, this sport has really changed my life!

Photo Credit: Damian Luk Pat Photography

6 .Tell the truth now, what did you look like before the muscles ?

Even though I was always into lifting weights, my diet and training methods were not strict at all. Back then youtube videos showing form and exercises were much rarer and proper diet advice was nonexistent. My “before” picture says it all as I wasn’t in the best shape even though I was training then. I have since lost around 60 lbs in that picture.


7 .How many hours a week are you in the gym ? Is this a year round schedule ?

I normally train 1.5 hours in the gym from mon – fri and then up to 4 hours of Dragon Boat Racing every weekend. There is no off season.

8. When do you really turn up the beast mode for Carnival ?

Beast mode is always on! In my sport, power to weight ratio is important so I try to keep my weight constant throughout the year and dialing it in for carnival might just include adding in a little extra cardio 2 months before.

9 .What is your work out routine in detail ?

I train one body part per day followed by abs and cardio eg back, chest, legs, shoulders, arms. Lots of free weights and compound exercises are done for each body part. Deadlifts, squats, weighted pull-ups and hanging leg raises are my favourites for abs, and for cardio nothing beats outdoor running.


10. As a man do you care about costume choice or do you just pick the one that shows off your abs best ?

Costume doesn’t matter, shouldn’t the man make the costume and not the other way around ? The best costume and no vibes makes no sense.

11.What’s your diet like all year and especially when training for Carnival ?

Sugar and Flour are extremely rare in my diet all year round. Oats, provisions, peas and lean meat make up nearly every day. Those who know me, know that I go everywhere with my gallon bottle of water. At carnival time I more or less eat the same things except I would cook everything. Instead of buying cooked peas I would cook my own peas. That way you can have full control of exactly what you are eating. Due to the intense training whole year round, protein shakes and amino acid supplements are necessary as it would be impossible to recover as sometimes eating all that meat or eggs would not be too economical.

12 .Your one food weakness ?

Doubles and Roti. Because I used to be overweight, it is not a problem still to eat 8-10 doubles easy, but discipline is the key. If it were easy then everyone would do it.


13. The one question you get about how you look that is the most annoying ?

Because I sell sports supplements, everyone always asks what I took to get like this. Even though I use supplements, everyone who trains all the time knows that just by simply taking a protein shake, you would not get results. If it were that easy, then everyone who buys out the pharmacy every month would be looking like the Hulk! Life gives you exactly what you put in. Consistent hard work gives results.

14. How do you deal with the female attention on the road for Carnival ?

Since I put up my transformation on the internet a few years ago, I have since met quite a lot of persons who come up to me to ask questions, thank me for inspiration or even take a wine. I’m accustomed to meeting lots of new persons all the time so I don’t feel any different at carnival time.

15. On that note , single or taken ?

Happily married for 2 months.


16. What do you say to critics who think you have too much muscles ?

Everyone has their own idea of what a “bess body” should look like. If we all had the same idea then we would all look the same. Critics don’t bother me at all, I hope they are achieving their goals, because I am

17. The one thing people would be surprised to know about you ?
I’m a real hardcore nerd with a Bsc in Computer Science and quite a few international certifications in IT

18. The part of your body you are not satisfied with and what are too doing to change it ?

I’m pretty satisfied with how I am especially because of where I have come from. My main goal would be to continue training hard in order to become fitter and stronger.


19. What advice do you have for the men, especially those working on changing their body but not getting results fast enough ?

1. Diet and nutrition are the most important things. If you don’t feed yourself properly your body would not grow. No matter how fast your car is, if it has no gas it wouldn’t go anywhere.
2. Stick to the basics, every day I see new guys doing new fancy exercises that they saw on the internet or even doing a new fad diet that they heard about somewhere.
3. Be wary of who you get advice from, not because someone has muscles they know what they are doing.
4. Progress takes time, if you took years to put on weight, you would not lose it in a month and vice versa.

20. Which band can we look forward to seeing you with on the road for Carnival 2014?

TRIBE all the way !



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