May 24, 2019

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Beast Mode – Quincy Chad

Beast Mode – Quincy Chad

Quincy Chad

1.) First thing first, what’s your date of birth?


2.) Height, weight, body fat percentage ?

6″2, 220lbs, I never check my body fat percentage

3.) Besides training like a beast, what’s your occupation?
I am an actor.


4.) Carnival baby or Carnival newbie, what year did you start playing Mas?
2010 was the first year I played that I can remember but as a child my mother used to bring me way back in the day.

5.) We know you were not born with this body, when did you start training and what was the reason you decided to make fitness a way of life?
You know I was always very small and short when I was younger but grew up playing several sports including (American) Football. In sports, training or lifting weights is a necessary step in your evolution as an athlete. Fitness has become a way of life since I was about 15.

6.)  Tell the truth now, what did you look like before the muscles ?
I was 5’3 and 110 as a freshman high school, needless to say my head was too big for my body, but I like to think ive grown into it.

photo 1

7.)  How many hours a week are you in the gym ? Is this a year round schedule ?
I like to get in at  least 2-2.5 hours a day. 1:30 of weights 1 cardio

8.)  When do you really turn up the beast mode for Carnival ?
Its all about consistency you can’t lay around all year then go hard for 2 months and expect a ton of change. The earlier you start the easier you make it on yourself. That being said, I would say I turned it up a bit after the New Year this year but that was primarily due to all the holiday family gatherings and leftovers.

9.) What is your work out routine in detail ?
I can’t give up those secrets. But I’ll say I put in about 1:30 of weights and an hour of cardio on most days. I like to switch up the workouts so that my body doesn’t get used to doing the same things. Lots of calisthenics as well.

photo (2)

10.)  As a man do you care about costume choice or do you just pick the one that shows off your abs best ?
Haha, I never thought about the ab thing. The costume choice is important but I go with a team of gents and the selection is made by consensus of said team.

11.) What’s your diet like all year and especially when training for Carnival ?

I try to have a high protein low calorie diet in general. I make sure to have a lot of vegetables and fruits as well. Shakes are also a large part of my diet I usually have a protein shake in the morning and one post workout.

12.) Your one food weakness ?
Curry. No question about it, a plate of curry chicken is my kryptonite.

13.) So apart from the Gym do you have any extra curricular activities?
Reading, Creative writing, real estate, traveling, Shakespeare, and video games and visiting museums.  I enjoy watching sports, cooking, going to the movies,  seeing live performances and fashion.

photo (3)

14.) How do you deal with the female attention on the road for Carnival ?

“I think I deal quite well. Haha. I am grateful for the attention. We are all out there to have fun. I do have my moments when I just want to rock back and take in the scene, when that happens I generally just go off to the side. If it ever becomes too much I have a lot of friends on the team that are ready and willing to help out.

15.) On that note, single or taken ?

16.) What do you say to critics who think you have too much muscle?
I haven’t gotten that criticism in awhile. I used to be bigger but I shed a lot of that extra weight because I don’t like the look of being too bulky. To each his own; It’s your body and whatever anyone says about it shouldn’t matter.

photo 5

 17.) The one thing people would be surprised to know about you ?
If you don’t want me to eat something put ketchup on it. I hate it.

18.) The part of your body you are not satisfied with and what are too doing to change it?
I’m satisfied with every part of my body. In general, people should be happy with what God gave them while looking to improve everyday. That goes for your body as well as any shortcomings or deficiencies you have in general. If you have an area in which you can improve work towards that. Dissatisfaction does not need to be the impetus. Self-improvement should be.


19.) What advice do you have for the men, especially those working on changing their body but not getting results fast enough ?
Just to stay the course and not to give up. Our society is too enamored with instant gratification; it takes time you just have to be patient and stay consistent.

20.) Which band can we look forward to seeing you with on the road for Carnival 2014?

quincy and anya

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