November 16, 2019

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After checking out Carnival Nationz launch pics on I have to say I am not impressed by this year’s offerings at all. The costumes that stood out to me as being the best of the lot are Lion Tamers, Cotton Candy and Aerialist:

Cotton Candy


Lion Tamers

I like Cotton Candy, in spite of it being pink, because you can actually get a “theme” from the puffy headpiece, and I think the beading on the bra and belt looks well done from the photos. Lion Tamers reminds me of a Harts costume, however I do like the costume a lot, I think the colours are different and the whole ensemble looks well though out and matched together. The most “unique” looking costume has to be Aerialist, I will even let the nod to Anemone and Jab Jab in the headpiece slide because I am liking the tutu a lot and the fact that the girls modelling the costume found the perfect shoes! The thick bands around the middle might give some trouble for some causing unflattering “rolls” but other than that I think it is a really cute costume that is stands out from the rest.

As for the rest of the costumes, personally I found the construction of some of the costumes looked very precarious, like Siberian Tiger, with the costumes looking as if they were finished in a hurry. I also cannot wrap my mind around Jester which looks as if it is a cross between TRIBE’s Sunken Treasure and Pierrot Grenade, the belt being an exact replica of the latter costume. I will not even comment further on the lime green Sexy Clown that does not live up to it’s moniker or the hideous headpiece for Acrobats. Gypsies has potential but the headpiece does not compliment the rest of the costume or fits the theme in my opinion. As for Fire and Snake Charmer I am not feeling those costumes at all, maybe it is just me but they look like costumes from Poison circa 2005.

Siberian Tiger



Sexy Clown



Snake Charmer

Honestly I have seen much better looking costumes from the bands that launched before; holding the title of Band of the Year for two consecutive years I had lots of expectations for Carnival Nationz, sorry to say they were not met. To check out the rest of the costumes visit


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