June 16, 2019

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Bliss “Blue” Carnival 2015 – The Saucy Review

Bliss “Blue” Carnival 2015 – The Saucy Review

I have always felt that Bliss had the potential to be the best band all round  because of the flawless on the road service, premium amenities not offered by TRIBE ( hello masquerader Concierge service ), the size is  PERFECT, freedom to enjoy playing mas in your costume without feeling overwhelmed by lack of personal space, but with one flaw. Each year in Bliss there were not  that many great costume options to offer a choice, while TRIBE consistently delivered the “hot” costumes, pickings were slim in Bliss with masqueraders having  only one or two “nice” sections for consideration.

Carnival 2015,  Bliss 5th anniversary, I am actually pleased with most, if not all of the costumes that were presented at the launch, there is enough variety without repetition of  design to satisfy even the picky and demanding  masqueraders. Bliss this year is actually a step ahead of TRIBE in my opinion.

Since  backlines were not shown I am basing my review on these frontline costumes only, subject to be amended once all costume photos have been released.

 Ara – hands down my perfect costume in both TRIBE and Bliss, I LOVE it! Apart from the exquisite attention to detail on the body wear what stands out for me is the fact that you need to only look at the costume to know that it represents a Macaw. The structure and construct of the wings are brilliant, closed it looks like a bird resting and open it looks like a bird in flight and they are fully moveable wings. I also really like that from the back it’s all blue feathers with hints of yellow and from the front it’s a greater contrast with more yellow feathers as an accent. Standing ovation for Ara.


Aether – my favourite part of this costume is the headpiece, I like how all the colours work together and it looks large enough not to be overwhelming. The body wear is also fully embellished, I like seeing costumes that look complete and not halfway decorated with only a smattering of stones. The necklace is also another feature that I like and I am really liking the bottom piece with the strappy sides. At the launch the costume was shown with “hip wings” which I thought was a different element however I am not sure if this is going to be offered to the standard frontline, personally I think it should be, 5 claps for Aether.


Pai – My first thought when seeing this costume was sigh, not an Indian costume again so soon after 2014, but it has actually grown on me the more I look at the detailing on the costume; where was this Indian this year? I love the colours , royal blue and chartreuse will look gorgeous on the road . The underwear is making me pause for a moment as I am trying to picture it on the average masquerader who is not the size of the model, interesting design and right on trend with the #whatnamebelt style that is quickly becoming the standard for frontline costumes, decorated panties rule! Easily a popular section 4 claps for Pai.



Mobay – Can I just say I adore the name of the costume, a nod to the homeland of Jamaican designer Jodi Henriques. I also really love the colour of this costume, it is  just so very pretty and feminine. Stand out  element for me are the easily manoeuvrable arm pieces , 4 claps for Mobay


Desert Rose – This is the costume to satisfy all those lusting over Angel wings in TRIBE. I am not usually a fan of pink monochromatic costumes, but for some reason I really do like this one. It is simple without being boring, pretty without being girly  and sexy without being scandalous. Love it, 4 claps for Desert Rose.


 Oceana –  I absolutely love the headpiece on this costume, it reminds me of Mystery of Loulan, however the placement and shape of  the plumes as well as the base of the headpiece is enough to give it variation. My only issue with the body wear is that the triangle cups look moulded as opposed to stretchy and I am not sure how that is going to work for ladies with larger breasts. The body wear has a similar pattern to Titans, even with the belted connector on the monokini to the bra, overall a gorgeous costume. 3 claps for Oceana.


Ring of Fire – My favourite thing about this costume is that the colours are very vibrant, they do pop and will look awesome on the road. I am not a fan of the strappy body wear shown at the launch, anything that looks like it will emphasize your mid section does not work for me,  however I do like the standard bra and belt option, the beading on those pieces remind me of a mosaic. Overall a solid costume 3 claps for Ring of Fire.




Caspian – Again I love the colour combination on this costume, if you remember Charmeuse of TRIBE then you would know this is going to look fantastic on the road. Like the aforementioned costume Caspian also uses fabric on both backline and frontline and while I like the fabric cape, personally I am over the feathered collar trend for frontline. At this stage in the game it is an easy (lazy) design element to add to a frontline costume , I appreciate the designers who put some work into refreshing frontline from the same old standard each year. That being said, this is a lovely costume altogether,  3 claps.


Firefly – The best part of this costume for me is the colour, I like the neon green with gunmetal accents. It is reminiscent of Hawkeye, same designer, this costume has more tan and less white,but the comparisons will be made. I am not sure if it is a fit issues but the body wear did not flatter the models chosen for the launch. The monokini/whole piece option is good for those wanting more coverage but it needed, to me, to be sized properly to the model. I also think that even though there is a sheer panel running from the middle front to back, the sides needed to have less fabric, I can’t believe I am actually saying that a costume needs to be more naked, but this one looks too covered, it needs more sexy. The other option shown with the plunge V bra again the bra cups looked a couple sizes too big for the model. Could be a singular production issue with the bra, I would definitely need to see the professional photos to compare. I am also not a fan of the white feathers used on the backpack. 2.5 claps for Firefly.


Two things to note on Bliss’ presentation of Blue

1. We can forget about trying to connect to a theme, just appreciate the pretty costumes as being pretty costumes and 2. I am just shaking  my head at the males!












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