February 23, 2019

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Brazilian Meets Trini Mas….

Brazilian Meets Trini Mas….

One of my readers sent me the following email about the influence of “Brazilian” culture in terms of risqué and revealing costuming in Trinidad Mas and all other Carnivals derived from Trinidad Mas. We have the wire bra as a staple now in costuming and for Labor Day 2010 the “Tapasexo” or “Brazilian C String” was debuted, sure to see it making it’s way to Trinidad Carnival 2011!

Brazilian Tapasexo

There are already over 100 comments on the Tapasexo over at the Trinidad Carnival Diary Fan Page on Facebook, it is a HOT topic and if you want to see how the Tapasexo works you can visit Samba Costumes as Jean Cool was responsible for the design, Ramajay Mas for the decoration (congrats on your win for Band of the Year!

Tapasexo by Samba Costumes “Adenium String”

On the Road in Ramajay

I would like to know if it’s possible if you would like to start a discussion about carnival and censorship… what I mean is this- our carnival is transforming into a Brazilian type Carnival with wire bras, going topless, and rocking a tapasexo, getting on (pure jamminish style) in front of the eyes of children, elderly and other conservative spectators… do you think that Carnival is really getting out of hand??

And with crime situations, do you think some women (those that are wearing topless, wirebras, thong etc.) are encouraging harm or danger to themselves??

It’s just a thought of mine since I noticed that we (as masqueraders) love to be free out on the road, but I do noticed that some spectators were upset and even frowned on the behavior…

So, leave your thoughts and comments , please note PERSONAL attacks and derogatory comments will be removed; make your point without having to insult anyone, thanks! 

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