November 16, 2019

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Carnival Nationz Band Launch Information….

Carnival Nationz Band Launch Information….

Update from D Bandit newsletter:

If you don’t already know by now, then you’ve been hiding under a Treasure Chest somewhere. Next Saturday May 24th inside Solarium on the Polson Pier complex, is the BIG Carnival Nationz band launch for our theme Pirates. I know there are some people out there waiting to see what we are coming with this year. And the reason you haven’t heard anything thus far is because we are hard at work trying to put our best foot forward as always. You know we always aim to please. The four men of Carnival Nationz love to make sure YOU the masquerader is very happy with the Ultimate Carnival and Caribana Experience.

We are planning to have a pre-registration for our Carnival Nationz (CNz) 2007 masqueraders on Wednesday June 4th and Thursday June 5th. We have heard you, the loyal masquerader, and all CNz 2007 masqueraders will have the opportunity to register for their desired section before registration is opened to the general public. This is because we truly want to reward you for your dedicated support. The public registration date will be June 7th. This will all be happening at the same Mas Camp we had last year located at 533 McNicoll Ave in North York. Along with pre-registration, CNz members would get a CNz Loyalty Card. This loyalty card entitles CNz masqueraders to discounts and privileges to various events, rental companies and other companies to be announced on the our website. Please keep in mind Carnival Nationz members can only pre-register them self and not their friend.

Oh and by the way FOR THE FIRST TIME IN ANY CARNIVAL BAND HISTORY…with every advance ticket presented at the door you will receive your very own FREE DVD of all Carnival Nationz activities for the 2007 Caribana Season. EEEEEEEEEEEEEYEAH!!!!! Tickets available at:

Play De Record – downtown (south central) 416-586-0380
Mona’s Roti – scarborough (east) 416-242-1200
Islandmix Restaurant (east) 905-895-5295
Charlie’s (west) 905-896-3663
Drupati’s Roti (west) 905-949-6787

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