October 21, 2019

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Carnival Nationz Guest Review

Carnival Nationz Guest Review

So Saucy – here I was waiting for a review from you cause I know you always update about designingDaryl  but since I eh see one, I will just send this to you and hope you post it .
A group of my friends and I went to Nationz bandlaunch cause we always support launches even tho we live about 45mins from most venues (Brampton, ON). It was nice to see that Nationz had a Hennessy cocktail station giving free stuff to folks as they enter to get em in the mood. Little did we know we would have needed the drink for what was in store. 
You talk about a long drawn out process for a launch? Too much. These bands need to understand that ppl there to see costumes and that’s it! Launch at midnight, keep on schedule and call it a day. For me they started off wrong from JUMP. Luckily they had an opening scenario with a local celeb and we laughed away the aggravation. That was short-lived, a story followed about Empires that really was lost after the first sentence. 
Fast forward to the costumes, I would give you my feedback, but then I saw a post on Karabana’s blog that was spot on! I would only add my additional two cents to it but overall, I was not really impressed with the costumes, just a few but overall not that impressed. And it seems that the ones I was impressed with are from a mutual designer.

Wait, since we are on this subject – and perhaps why I liked the anonymous post – Nationz have it big and bold on their site.. designed by etc etc – these are COPIES!! If they are copied shouldn’t it say “Adapted by Carnival Nationz for Caribana?” 


Anonymous said… (I put my comments in BOLD)

Love the costumes, good job Carnival Nationz.

Here’s my 2 cents:

Mongolian empire – looks like Ibizia – Tribe costume.

Russian Empire – looks like Yen from Oasis.

Shang Dynasty – the headpiece is from Spice 2k10 and Island People – Inka.

The Pink Empire – individual costume is a bit to much pink feathers, should mix it up a bit. – and the price of $925.00 come on the Designer who in their right mind paying that price – it is much as Trinidad frontline costume and I could jump up for 2 days and all inclusive.

I give the section leader big props for including a plus size model, good job. I don’t know where anonymous get this info but I didn’t see $925 – the price is on the website. The plus size model WAS a major bonus tho! She was really good.

Rio – another costume from Trinidad but just a different color. – the colors on the headpice is a bit dull.
Rio and the wings – it does not represent Rio Carnival at all. I liked the blue!
Espanol(Spain) Empire – what’s up will all the Basketball wives earrings on the entire costume – its a bit to much.

I love the Egypt costume it represent the theme, love the color combination.

The Sparta empire – love the headpiece, love the men’s costume -stuck to the theme, love the makeup on the sexy men’s costume.

Akkadian Empire – love the costume and that monokini- all I can say is wow – loving it. – bright colors, will look nice on the road. I thought this looked a bit like the basketball wives earring costume but maybe cause they both used orange bathing suits? I dunno

My top picks are: Egypt (headpiece looks like a blue version of Pink Empire – imo)Akkadian. Pink Empire, Sparta.

Aztec (DEAD DEAD replica of Anya Ayong Chee’s Project Runway TRIBE costume down to the footpieces!! And Nationz have the audacity to say dey have designers that design that!! – madness! – they should be paying Anya royalties if yuh ask me!)

To the person who says the costumes does not represent the theme.

Here’s my question – if they stuck to the theme and made costumes that looks like the theme, would you play in Nationz. Sorry in today’s world beads and bikini sells.Agree!

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