October 21, 2019

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Carnival Nationz Launch Photos

Carnival Nationz Launch Photos

Triniscene.com has a gallery of photos from Carnival Nationz band launch for their Caribana Presentation “Pirates”.

The models’ makeup is a bit distracting and bizarre in some cases, however my favorite costume is “Kacikie” pictured below:

Love the browns and copper

Misty Dawn:
nondescript white costume, very generic.

Shipwreck :
for some reason I want to like it,
but not liking the bra fur.

Sextant Horizon
I don’t like this one at all!
What is up with the mask?
Bra reminds me of last year’s Aerialist; despise that belt.

Captain’s Morgan Wenches:
Not to sure about the feathers on the bra ,
but another decent costume

Treasure Island :
hmm blue and black, interesting combo.
Not too sure if I am liking it but I do like the bra top!

Calico Jack and his Lover Bonny:
The pink and black does not look bad together.
Love the headpiece.

Bullions and Baubles:
Another costume I like.
Interesting headpiece and bra/belt design.

Caw Caw:
Very green! Not liking that bra AT ALL with
the profusion of feathers sprouting from the breasts.
Ode to Island People’s Kingfisher with the arm pieces.

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