November 13, 2019

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Carnival Nationz Registration Update

Carnival Nationz Registration Update

The first day of registration for reigning Caribana Band of the Year, Carnival Nationz, began yesterday and reports are that only five sections are now remaining. Popular sections Cotton Candy and Aerialist were sold out within hours of the 3:00pm start of registration which saw eager masqueraders waiting for hours before getting a chance to register. The sections Fire, Sexy Clown, Lion Tamer and Jester are also sold out.

Here is a recap of registration from a first person point of view:

Hi Saucy,

Well the excitement of Caribana was in full swing this weekend with Carnival Nationz opening their doors for registration on Saturday. I showed up at around 3:30pm and didn’t leave until 5:45pm. The lineup was long and it was a very hot day……the situation reminded of scenes you’ve described on your blog during Carnival Registration. Despite the long line-up once you got inside the mas camp things went very smoothly. The camp only let a few registrants in at a time so that you could examine the costumes with ease (hence the long line outside). CNZ reps were on site to answer any costume questions, take measurements and to assist in filling out forms…….everybody I encountered was very helpful and polite. Once you made up your mind you were directed to the payment line and then you were good to go.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get my first choice Aerialist (teal green costume) however I did get to the mas camp in time to register for my second choice…..Lion Tamer (gold and brown). My criteria for picking a costumes always come down to bum coverage so I”m very happy with the chocolate brown tail feathers on this costume. I’ve never played mas in this colour so I’m also happy to step out of the box and try something different.

I actually went back to the mas camp today (Sunday) with another friend and what a difference a day makes… quiet and calm compared to the storm yesterday. Anyway, when we arrived there were only 5 of the 11 sections left on display……Siberian Tiger, Gypsy, Acrobat, Snake Charmer, and Wild Indian. I also noticed models being photographed so I assume the CNZ website with be updated very soon.

I know that other bands also opened up their mas camps for registration this weekend but I haven’t heard any news about how things went with those camps.

Anyway, I’m gone…..this Lion Tamer is ready for the road!!

Happy Blogging

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