Ladiessss! Miki here! I am #TeamTCD’s resident fete banton, frontline fanatic and MUA!

Let’s face it. We are the reason for the season…CARNIVAL IS WOMAN!! Unfortunately, as a woman attending a Carnival abroad, you are probably low-key panicking that your usual Glam Squad isn’t available to help you put your best foot (face hair and body included) forward when you step out. Here are a few tips to help you slay when you (or yuh MUA) are away 😉


Apart from planning your fete itinerary, choosing yuh costume, and your wardrobe/accessories, your destination Carnival prep requires that you go the extra mile as there may be no opportunity to make a last minute run to the local pharmacy to get glitter, stockings or pasties.

Create a list of items you may need, and source those items before you pack. Make sure you also stock and pack any medication you may require on your trip.

This will ensure you have everything in place to be comfortable and worry-free when you arrive because stress SHOWS.


I can’t stress enough that your makeup looks only as good as the skin you put it on is healthy. A month before your trip, go get a facial to take care of any acne flares or dry skin build-up. Every single day, regardless of your skin type, make sure you CLEANSE, TONE, MOISTURISE, and REPEAT.

Drink your water, use a facial sunscreen (yes, you too, melanin goddess) and you will be shocked at the transformation you will see.

These simple daily steps will ensure your canvas is in the best possible shape so if you opt for self-application of makeup, it will be easier for you.


If you decide that your fete and road makeup will be a DIY project, get yourself some tips from your makeup artist, or spend some time on YouTube. Get your brushes out and practice!

You really don’t want your first attempt at a smokey eye to be the night of a major event… because girrrrrl…Instagram is brutal lol

Whenever you have free time, try something new!

Pro Tip 1: Test the longevity of your application by wearing your makeup for 8hrs. Do this before your trip so you can source alternative makeup products if your current collection is doing you dirty.

Pro Tip 2: If you don’t like how your makeup turned out, take shades with you for your day events, and rock a banging lip. Problem solved.


If you know you really have to go into the pool or the sea, please remember to pack tools and products to whip your mane into shape before your next event!

Also, make sure your weave is LAID before you leave because a loose track in the middle of your trip could be a major vibe killer.