1. Monday wear is not a new concept, fans of Peter Minshall would remember his masqueraders being provided with alternate Monday costuming for some of Minshall’s presentations . Brian Mac Farlane also continued this trend for his masqueraders during his years of Mas. 


2. Monday wear in it’s present form, that is a complimentary t-shirt/tank top or boy shorts provided by the band , can be traced back to Poison. Private sections such as Galvanize gave this as a perk which eventually became part of the package for some bands.

3. Monday wear is not mandatory for all bands. Your costume is what you pay for to be worn on both days. Some bands have extended the courtesy of providing boy shorts or a tube top as less masqueraders are inclined to wear their costume on both days.


4. Customized Monday wear is a rapidly growing trend over the past few years. Some masqueraders want to wear a costume of sorts on Monday so tank tops and hot shorts will not do. These masqueraders purchase Monday wear from designers , this can range from simple swimwear to elaborate costuming including wire bras and headpieces. Some Frontliners get Monday
wear as a complimentary “gift” from the designer, mostly this happens with private sections .

5. Masquerades do not HAVE to purchase designer or custom Monday wear. The choice is yours to wear your costume, pieces of your costume , the provided Monday wear from your band or even to make/buy your own outfits for Monday. It’s all up to you .