While we all love the freedom that Carnival time brings, the reality of the world we live in today means that we still have to be very vigilant and aware when it comes to personal safety, as even our much beloved festival is not immune to crime. Here are a few safety tips that I practice and would like to share: Before leaving home:

  • Carpool – When it comes to driving to events on my own, I always try to avoid this as much as possible. I am a big believer in car pooling, we plan ahead on who will be the designated driver, meeting times and pick up points for those sharing a car. Zapatillas New Balance Online You can also choose to carpool by hiring a taxi (or maxi for larger crews) especially for the events where everyone plans on drinking, unfamiliar long distances and where traffic can be sticky.
  • Consider parking options – Many fetes now advertise where parking will be available on the night of the event, pay attention to this information. This was especially helpful at Bishops fete as they listed all the FREE car parks s in and around the event and we knew exactly where to go to find a parking spot. It also helps to leave home early to secure a spot. Also, do not pay anyone to park on the road or in deserted areas. Look for a designated secured car park for the event.
  • Carry only what you need – Cash, keys and lipstick. Do not walk with valuables that can be lost or stolen, ladies choose a wristlet or small pouch that you can easily hold close to your body . I advise against cross body bags (straps can be cut off you), large handbags or large clutches that can be stolen in a split second , even from under your arm.
  • Costume jewelry only- Keep your flashy brands out of fetes and make sure all your jewelry is not expensive or expensive looking .

At the event :

  • Designate a meeting point if you lose your friends – Right side of the entrance, or left, especially at massively crowded events (Machel Monday anyone?) where you might very well find your self separated from the crew. However we do advocate the buddy system at all times when leaving your crew’s liming spot.
  • Do an area check before you decide to settle in for the night- Pay attention to your surroundings when you arrive at the fete, as many people do not focus on what is happening around them. Pay attention to anyone encroaching on your personal space, especially those who take creepy selfies and video of you and your friends. We are NOT liming!
  • Do not wander off alone – If you need to use the bathroom, go to the bar or even do a quick circle of the fete to hail out who you know, take a friend or two.
  • Do not accept drinks that you did not bring or buy – This applies to even ice from anyone else, not even someone you know. If you did not walk with it or got served from a bartender in your cup, politely refuse.
  • Do NOT get shit faced drunk – Sounds pretty easy to avoid however it happens to the best of us in the face of limitless drinks, not eating properly before drinking or miscalculating your alcohol tolerance.