December 08, 2019

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D’Bandit jumps Carnival Nationz ship to bring Angelz to Callaloo Mas

D’Bandit jumps Carnival Nationz ship to bring Angelz to Callaloo Mas

We take a quick break from Trinidad Carnival to bring you some Caribana news!
This one going an FOG UP DE PLACE!!! … at least Caribana.

Well it would seem as though things are already heating up in the Toronto arena for Caribana 2013 and since I got the exclusive – I will put all the other rumors to rest…. 

YES a NEW BRAND is hitting the scene for Caribana 2013
YES.. Bandit is behind it (as well as a steaming hot cast of characters)
YES … it have some of the hottest sections for Caribana to date!!
YES … the music and service WILL BE ON POINT for this new band (from sources I am told)
and do you want to hear de bacchanal?!?!
YESSSSS … the band-launch will be ON DE SAME DAY as another stalwart band!! (the former band of BOTH the bandleader and their SIGNATURE designer)
Both departing from their former attachments for a myriad of reasons, this new brand aims to fill a gaping hole in the Toronto mas system it would seem. My question is, why have a launch on the same day? To prove what point? I mean at the end of the day, aren’t you mas bands catering to PEOPLE? People who CANNOT be in two places at once?! Sigh… in any event – remember you heard it here FIRST! And from the looks of it there will be many firsts for this fairly new band with well seasoned, EXPERIENCED professionals! I cannot WAIT to see what is in store…
As usual, I will have my eyes and ears locked for more juicy details but for now, prior to TRINIDAD CARNIVAL (let’s not forget) – that is all I am going to share at this point.. And ay ay what is this I see… SCORCH on de list too!! But what the hell. Major points for this band! 
As you know – name and brand is everything so why else not have a HEAVENLY EXPERIENCE with … CARNIVAL ANGELZ (link Carnival Angelz to
Look out for this new brand with a BIG BANG when they launch on April 20th, 2013! Who knows maybe de “Sauce” might have to make a cameo for this launch cause I’ll have vacation time left!! Now de rumors have been PUT TO REST.. let de bacchanal start

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