November 11, 2019

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designingDARYL for Cayman’s Batabano 2014

designingDARYL for Cayman’s Batabano 2014

I was a bit  pre-occupied  last weekend with all of the activities going on  in this hectic Fete Season, so I was a bit surprised when I saw these  costume pics show up in my mailbox from my designer friend up in Boston. It totally slipped me that there was a launch last  weekend  and that designingDARYL would be showing some of his work.

Nonetheless, I remembered him saying not to “go in” on the costumes when I see them because they would not be anything too spectacular given the carnival “climate” in Cayman. I love it when these designers really think they can tell me what to think! I have always said that I am here to report the brutal honest truth and will “go in” when I feel the need to and if it is warranted.

I could safely say that I was pleasantly surprised when I saw these pics! They weren’t jarring, they were easy on the eyes, colors blended well and it had a style that I recognized! I loved them all! I learnt the theme was “Once Upon a Time” and it had something to do with the Disney princesses of yesteryear with a Carnival twist.
You all should know that I do not critique costumes that I cannot see up close but I have seen designingDARYL’s work first-hand and I know that his work is solid. I am sure that these costumes did the theme justice!
The band is called Swanky International and they are very popular in the Cayman Islands and I can see why! The band boasts that the Carnival costumes will be delivered to patrons at least a full week before the actual parade and that major sponsors have been secured to make their experience better than before. “EPIC” was the word thrown around at this launch which had a record number of patrons at the Royal Palms Resort – almost 1,000!
It seems that designingDARYL has started off the new year with a bang and I cannot wait to see what he has in store for the remainder of the year in the various Carnivals that he will be in. SO sorry to have been pre-occupied and missed this but I know you understand.. 😉
Cayman Batabano looks like it could be a staple on my carnival calendar because these costumes are HOT! Have a look and tell me what you think!
BAND INFO: Swanky International (
INSTAGRAM: swankyintl
FACEBOOK: Swanky International

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