May 24, 2019

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DJs Who Rock The Road 2015 – DJ Ana

DJs Who Rock The Road 2015 – DJ Ana

DJ Ana
DJ Ana

1. Tell us a little more about DJ Ana?
Name: Ana-Leesa Asita Ramnarine Age: 22 years old
I attended Naparima Girls High School and I’m currently pursuing my law degree at the University of the West Indies. I’ve worked on Synergy TV Connect – Firstly as a co-host with Nisha B (Karma) on her show “Chutney Island”. I was able to have gained my own show a few months into co-hosting with Nisha B. My show was called “Talkarie” and it showcased culture, music, cuisine, fashion etc. We took a spin on the traditional “interview” by holding interviews in the comfort of the music artistes’ home. We would make them cook their favourite dish for me! I was heavily involved in the planning and production of Talkarie. I also worked with CNMG/Next 99.1FM. I was a DJ on the “Magic Show” Saturday Mornings from 9am – 1pm with Fro Hummer when I was 18. I am currently a DJ on HOTT 93 on Fridays 6pm-10pm alongside Patrick Anthony the Hypeman of Nuphoric. In addition I’ve done professional dancing (modern, ballet, jazz, hiphop) since I was 5 years old.

2.  How did you get yourself involved in Deejaying?
I became a DJ at the age of 12. My father was my inspiration behind this because deejaying has been his hobby since he was about 12! He also does sound systems as a hobby, so I grew up in a house filled with sound equipment and would always have a DJ console in my house. As a result, being young I would observe my dad and sometimes just “mess around” on the console. He taught me the basics but back then I never anticipated that I would ever DJ anywhere outside of my house.

The story that launched me into becoming a DJ stems from Carnival the year that I was 12. My father gave me the opportunity to DJ on his music truck for Carnival in San Fernando. The spectators loved me and other DJ’s in the business commented that my skills were “amazing” for being so young. I proceeded to train for a few months with a DJ by the name of DJ Promo who was at the time part of the “Dynasty Crew” on the then Masala Radio 101.1FM. He helped me to develop my skills some more and together with more extensive training with my dad, I was able to gain enough confidence to start taking on some gigs! I would DJ for weddings, parties etc. This happened for a few years until I was 16 and decided to enter the RANE SERATO Mixmaster Competition which was aired as a show on CNMG. I was the youngest competitor as well as the only female competitor. I made it all the way to the finals where I placed 4th amongst some of the biggest names in the DJ industry locally. It was from there that I started building connections which led to where I am today.


3.      You are currently a Law student at the University of the West Indies, how do you juggle both?
It can definitely be a challenge as both entities require a lot of time. I try my best to maintain a schedule to get everything done on time, without being biased.

4.      Is it difficult being a female DJ in Trinidad & Tobago? How has your journey been thus far?
Throughout my years I’ve had some pretty interesting experiences where this is concerned LOL. I’ve had many people say that I’ve only reached as “far” as I have because I am a woman and not as a result of my ability. There are many male DJ’s who have been really mean to me at gigs and events also. Being a female DJ, I’ve always wanted to be judged primarily on the basis of my skill. It’s inevitable that at DJ gigs where people can see me, the aspect of being a woman influences their opinion of my overall DJ performance. People love seeing a woman on the turntables in high heels and a glamorous dress! But I’ve always asked fellow DJ’s in the fraternity to judge me based on how my set sounds.

The great thing about radio is that nobody can see me deejay but they sure can hear me! Thus they can give a fair judgment about my deejay sets.
Despite the negativity that I have received from many male DJs, there are several others who have supported me and continue to support me on my journey and I am always grateful for their constructive criticism and bits of advice.

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5.  As a young woman you’ve been involved in so many different ventures on radio and television. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years in the entertainment industry?
I would like to continue being a part of my own radio show. I would also like to venture once again into the TV World, as a host and producer of my own television show and even as the creator of other local tv shows as well. I have recently co-founded a Music Production Company called “HusH Media” and I would like to see it become a powerful entity over the next five years. I will also like to be involved in entertainment from a legal standpoint, by being an entertainment lawyer. My long term goal in entertainment is to definitely leave a legacy!

6.      You have been with Yuma for the past three years. How was this connection established?
This is a very interesting story actually! I had an interview on Synergy Nights with JW (Jason Williams) (way before I had started working on Synergy TV etc.). A week after the interview JW called me saying that the band leaders from YUMA had watched my interview and was interested in meeting me. I met with the executives of YUMA and the rest was history! I became a DJ on the road for YUMA that year when I was 18!

7.      Have you ever played mas as a masquerader and not a DJ?
No but I always DJ with a costume or part of a costume on; Even when I was a DJ for Carnival in San Fernando (Owen C. Hinds) I wore a costume to DJ.


8.      Carnival Tuesday has arrived and you are getting ready to hit the streets of Port of Spain are you the loosey lucy, stush beckie or the loner type of masquerader?
I am definitely a mix of loosey lucy and stush beckie lol. If I hear a song that I absolutely love I will become loosey lucy but I think 90% of the time I can be a stush beckie lol.

9.      Describe your best Carnival experience.
My best Carnival Experience is definitely the First year I became a YUMA DJ. That was the first time I had ever witnessed a POS Carnival and I got to experience POS Carnival for the very first time ever as a DJ which made it even more amazing! I will never forget just how amazing it was being able to bring a smile to the faces of so many different people. Seeing masses of people enjoying your music is one of the must fulfilling experiences.

10.  What is your favourite lyric from any song?
I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire
‘Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar
Louder, louder than a lion
‘Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar


11.  As a road DJ how much input do you have in choosing which song masqueraders cross the stage to?
Usually, the song that is used for crossing the stage is selected by the band’s executive body.

12.  Name your top contenders for Road March 2015
Machel Montano – Like ah Boss, Machel Montano- Erupt, Machel Montano ft. Patrice Roberts – Great Parade.

13.  What is your all-time favourite Road March?
1997 – Machel Montano – Big Truck

14.  Which costume do you think is the hottest for Carnival 2015?
Definitely the Frontline Costume for KUSH from YUMA.


15.  What music genre describes your personal style?
Pop; because I love keeping my personal style up-to-date and fashionable.

16.  Who is your local celebrity crush?
Most girls would definitely say Kes :D, but I’d have to say it’s doubles (never said the celebrity had to be a person! lol!!). This is however more than just a crush, it’s a bittersweet romance.

17.  If the world was going to end and you knew it, what three things would you do?
This definitely depends on how the world is going to end. Basically if it’s a disease epidemic I will stock up on supplies and lock myself indoors. If it’s a zombie apocalypse I’ll gather weapons and ready myself to fight. If it’s a meteor hitting the earth however, I’ll hug my mummy and daddy and wait for the world to end lol. In general, despite the manner in which the world is ending, I will 1) definitely say a prayer and 2) express my love to all my loved ones for one final time!

18.  What can Yuma masqueraders expect from you on the road for Carnival 2K15?
YUMA Masqueraders can expect nothing but VIBES from me 🙂 My goal as a DJ on the road is to please the crowd and that is what I intend to do come Monday and Tuesday! Expect the latest and greatest hits! We YUMANS are gonna RULE THE ROAD!


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