May 24, 2019

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DJs Who Rock The Road – DJ Private Ryan

DJs Who Rock The Road – DJ Private Ryan

DJ Private Ryan
DJ Private Ryan

Single, Taken, Living for Music?
They call me Private Ryan for a reason…Private lol.

For those of us who don’t know give us a brief history of DJ Private Ryan.
My interest for music began at age 6. I would play records with my father and was fascinated by the science of blending music together. At age 16 I was featured as a resident house dj at the then popular BASE nightclub in Chaguaramus along with my own dj outfit named “Detrimental” In 2005 I left Trinidad to pursue by degree in Marketing and Business Administration at FIU during which time I played at numerous college parties and events across the US while studying. To market myself I created a podcast which introduced my college peers to many musical genres and allowed me to showcase my talent as a dj, which over time became popular worldwide. This has led to what has now become a successful touring career across the globe.

Did you ever expect to be THE most in demand DJ out of Trinidad?
I am honored and humbled by my prominence in the dj world. As a young dj while my dreams where always to become the best I can I did not envisage that I would one day be named “Caribbean Dj of the year” and subsequently nominated for “International Dj of the year” in the US by the Global Spin Awards. It is a testimony that hard work and perseverance pays off and one should always believe that “I can achieve anything”


Tag line ‘the most versatile dj in the world’ is embedded in you and you have proven to us your versatility be it at parties, fetes or through your podcasts. Which genre of music is your preference and why?
I’m interested in all kinds of different genres. The music itself transports me to a different place  and I am fascinated by the power that music has to alter the mood of people at any given point in time.

What song best describes you as an individual?
I find definitions of my personality in many songs. To adequately describe me I would have songs that talk about perseverance, free spirit, love, dedication, happiness, passion, strength, faith and a lot of fun.

Where do you envision yourself three years from now?
I envision that I would be doing festivals around the world as well as taking my own event brands locally regionally and internationally. I always seek to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Which carnival fete is your favorite to entertain?
Each fete has its own vibe. I do however enjoy entertaining patrons at the parties and fetes the week before carnival. This week is a high energy time as anticipation reaches a crescendo in the run up to the actual carnival. This year the fete I most look forward to is my own event, “Soca Brainwash” which is to be held as a Carnival Saturday brunch and drinks inclusive party. This will be THE carnival fete.

Photo Credit - Kid Mix Photography
Photo Credit – Kid Mix Photography

You have a very busy schedule, how many countries have you visited in the past year? And what is the best hotel you’ve stayed at?
In the year 2013 I toured approximately 17 countries along with several states within the US and repeated visits to many others. I have stayed at many luxurious hotels and it is difficult to pin point just one.

Describe your craziest fan girl experience. 
A girl cried when she met me once. Needless to say it was intense.

How has social media impacted your career over the past 5 years?
Cyberspace is all pervasive. Social media is an integral marketing tool for any business. I always keep informed about social media trends and put them to practical use to market my brand. The success of my podcast is attributed to this as I was the first to use Facebook groups to market a podcast. I was also one of the first in this region to utilize twitter, facebook and instagram as a means of marketing and adding a visual element to sound. I also have the most successful website, having surpassed almost four and a half million overall downloads of content I created. Needless to say social media has been a vital component of my success.

Photo Credit - Sol-Is Life Photography
Photo Credit – Sol-Is Life Photography

What is the craziest thing you’ve seen on the road for Carnival?
I have been to many carnivals but I would have to say one of the craziest was at Nottinghill Carnival in 2012. Imagine a sea of almost a million people partying to “Palance” it was sheer pandemonium.

Finish this sentence. I’d like to live a day in the life of _____________. 
I’d like to live a day in the life of no one. I walk my own path and am happy and challenged by that.

What is your hidden talent? 
I can draw and sketch really well. I once considered studying art and at a young age a cartoonist once told me that I was advanced and gifted. This is another aspect of my creativity.

As a road DJ how much input do you have in choosing which song masqueraders cross the stage to? 
I personally do not choose the road march. It is a decision by the masqueraders only. Crossing the stage is a high point for the revelers and therefore it is important to play the song of the season that generates that high energy and euphoria that makes the experience memorable. Masqueraders NEVER forget the song they crossed the stage to. I usually ask the revelers right before the stage.

DJ Private Ryan
DJ Private Ryan

Outside of Trinidad Carnival which other Carnivals do you love to DJ at and why?
Nottinghill and Jamaica on the actual carnival day because of the worldwide convergence of people and the intimacy and authenticity to Trinidad Carnival respectively. Miami and Barbados for the build up parties to the carnival, they have a unique vibe. I have done many other carnivals but these stand out in my opinion.

What can we expect from you for Carnival 2K14?
Soca Brainwash the event on Carnival Saturday morning from 10 am till 4pm at a scenic grounds in the west. Also look out for the official Soca Brainwash podcast at You can also look out for me at all major events where I intend to bring my unique flavor and style of musical delivery everywhere I appear. Look out for me on the road in TRIBE and BLISS.

Soca Brainwash The Event!

Soca Brainwash The Event
Soca Brainwash The Event

New Fete. New Venue. New vibes. Carnival Saturday we come together on Fatima grounds for Soca Brainwash the event. Online 90USD tickets are now completely SOLD OUT. 100USD tickets are now available on However you can contact our committee members to get the last of the physical 90USD tickets.

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Lisa Giuseppi
Siemone Fortune
Cherrise Alexander
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Chinua Alleyne
Kareem Davy
Arvinder Rampersad
Kevin Licorish
Rajesh Maharaj (Trinidad, NYC)
Damian Baboolal (Fram)
Denise Weekes (Miami)
Kevin Caesar (Miami, Atl, NYC)
Adanna Welch (UK)
Kandi King (Jamaica)
D Bandit (Toronto, NYC)
Andre Francis (Dj Hazzard) (Washington)
Mikael La Roche (DC)

Soca Sampler Download!


The Trinidad Carnival season 2014 has kicked off. This sampler is just a preview of some of the Trinidad Carnival Soca hits in rotation currently featuring just a taste of what is to come on Soca Brainwash 2014 to be released in February. Mix includes artists such as Bunji Garlin, Machel Montano, Lyrikal, Kerwin Du Bois, Skinny Fabulous, Destra, K Rich, Swappi, Shal, Jaiga, Fay Ann Lyons and more. Soca Brainwash the event will be happening on March 1st in Trinidad, drinks and brunch inclusive at a scenic outdoor venue with a cast of international djs. Follow iamsocabrainwashed & djprivateryan on instagram and twitter for details. Enjoy!!

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