May 24, 2019

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DJ’s Who Rock The Road – Alicia D’ Duchess

DJ’s Who Rock The Road – Alicia D’ Duchess

For our new segment DJ’s Who Rock The Road, we feature a woman who has earned the title as THE #1 Female Caribbean DJ and one of THE top DJs to come out of T&T. Hailing all the way from Diamond Vale Diego Martin is Alicia Awai aka Alicia D’ Duchess, yes a vale girl! Big Vale peeps! She has 6 siblings, some whom share a similar talent. D’ Duchess has perfected her craft and is a true professional in the art-form. D’ Duchess is our inaugural featured DJ for “DJ’s Who Rock The Road “, she rocks the road with Fantasy Carnival where she brings the Music, Ecstasy, Jamishness and Euphoria to your carnival experience. Find out more in our exclusive interview below…

Alicia D Duchess
Alicia D Duchess

Rocks the Road with Fantasy Carnival

Single, Taken, Living for Music? 

Taken……..;) AND living for music… remember I didn’t invent Dj’ing, I only perfected it!

When did you start off scratching disks? 

My DJ career started unofficially around 1986, when vinyl records were the real deal and still is!  I started out in the business as young as 11-years, taking pattern from my older brothers who were a premier mainstay Dj outfit back in the 80’s known as (LKC – Love Kid Crew!). Accredited to my name, I am a 2-time (back-to-back) Fresh Fest Master-Mix Champion, copping the titles in 1986 & 1987. I officially rejuvenated and re-launched my Dj career fully back in 1996.

Alicia D Duchess 2

Where do you envision yourself three years from now?

I am very ambitious, three years from now I see myself Dj’ing on main stages outside of the Soca and Caribbean genres.

What sets you apart from other DJ’s on the road?

Wow that’s easy, the obvious, I am a talented ‘female’ amongst a predominantly male dominated business.  I do my homework and play good music with less TALK, TALK, TALK…….  In the early part of my career I quickly became known as the No.1 rated female Dj in Trinidad, the wider Caribbean communities and diasporas Internationally. Today, I not only consider myself to be a rated female Dj, I consider myself to be well among the top 5 performance Dj’s in Trinidad… hands down, without question.

Which carnival fete is your favorite to entertain?

My favorite is and will always be “D Original Vale Breakfast Party”, an event favourite among partygoers in which I have been associated with for more than 15-years. Shout out the ‘Wall Crew’.

Alicia D Duchess at Vale
Alicia D Duchess at Vale

What is your all-time favorite soca tune?

That’s got to be “It’s Carnival”… … very memorable year – 2003.  I worked hard that year and was able to secure what was the first ‘It’s Carnival dub plate’ with Machel and Destra in combination… I still recall mashing up party after party with that dub plate, even today when I am in the mood, I will resurrect this classic!

How has social media impacted your career over the past 5 years?

Significantly, I am now able to keep close to my fan base all over the world, which is very important to me.  Social Media has reduced the overall cost of advertising and pushing the media blitz.

Duchess 355
D’ Duchess strikes a pose

What song best describes you as an individual?

My 2013 Anthem!! Roar – Katy Perry  I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire, Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar ♬”

 If we came to your house for dinner what would you prepare for us?

Hahaha yeah right! maybe I would order something healthy…. LOL!

In another life what would you be and why?

I would be exactly the same… a world class DJ, over and over… this is my passion, my love!

Alicia Rocks the Stage
Alicia rocks the stage at Yalla – Photo Courtesy Lime TT

What is your hidden talent?

Many would not know, but I am a accomplished track and field athlete, ya cyar beat me in a 100m dash!

No Tea No Shade – What is the worst soca song you’ve ever heard that probably should’ve left the recording studio?

There are too many to list, but I applaud all efforts to produce and release Soca music.

As a road DJ how much input do you have in choosing which song masqueraders cross the stage to?

Maybe 80%…… I am always influenced by the masqueraders, they are my guide for the road.

Alicia on D Road
D’ Duchess on Rocks The Road – Photo Courtesy Trini Jungle Juice

Outside of Trinidad Carnival which other Carnivals do you love to DJ at and why?

Jamaica, Nottinghill and Miami………..the vibe, people, music they all remind me of Carnival at home.

What can we expect from you for Carnival 2K14?

I always show my best effort, so for Carnival 2K14 I will do what I have always done in the past, high intensity performance set throughout the fete circuit and greater presence in many all-inclusive fetes as bookings have already started.

D Duchess
D’ Duchess all glamoured up!

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