May 24, 2019

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DJ’s Who Rock The Road – Marcus Williams

DJ’s Who Rock The Road – Marcus Williams

Marcus Williams is by no means intimidated by the music business; he doesn’t get nervous at all because playing music is simply second nature to him. It was in his first year of secondary school that he became heavily influenced by music, but he had started dabbling in music and DJing as a hobby in grade 5. What started as a hobby in primary school grew into a dream as he got older, and then that dream morphed into his ever expanding career, and now he is one of the newest faces at Trinidad and Tobago Radio Network. He is a pizza kind of guy, with a liking for coconut water and a dislike for indecisive people. Marcus is the type who just likes to chill and enjoy life to the fullest.

Every memory of DJ Marcus performing is his favorite, because every time he plays he enjoys it and revels in the pleasure he gains from satisfying his crowd.

Marcus Williams 2
DJ Marcus Williams

Rocks The Road with Harts Carnival 

Single, Taken, Living for Music?

Taken By Music
When did you start off scratching disks?

Age 12 – Trying to dj With Cassettes
Where do you envision yourself three years from now?

God Will Plan My Path
Which carnival fete is your favorite to entertain?

Ladies First

What is your all-time favorite road march?


How has social media impacted your career over the past 5 years?

Social Media Has Impacted My Career Immensely – It’s One Of The Foundations For Any Entertainer – I Fully Maximize On Social Networking : Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Fan Page Etc

What is the craziest thing you’ve seen on the road for Carnival?

People Climbing To The Top Of The St James Sign To Whine hahaha!!!

DJ Marcus on the road with Harts

Are you Gym Tan Laundry (GTL) or Pump Rinse, Repeat kind of dude?

More Like Gym,Pump Rinse Repeat ha!!

Describe your craziest fan girl experience.

Well… There Was One Person That Copied My Whole FB Profile And Basically Trying To be Everywhere I Was – Stalker Much – But It Has Cooled Down

If you were a punctuation mark what would you be?

Full Stop : Because In Life U Need To Pause And Think Out Every Situation Before U Make A Decision

Marcus shares some love

Finish this sentence. I’d like to live a day in the life of _____________. (Why?)

I’d like to live a day in the life of me (why) I’m Me And I Create My Happiness

When did you lose your Carnival Virginity?

At Age 14 🙂

As a road DJ how much input do you have in choosing which song masqueraders cross the stage to?

Basically All

Photo Credit – Kevin Benny

Outside of Trinidad Carnival which other Carnivals do you love and why?

Nothing CAN beat Trini Carnival! However Brazil Seems Interesting

What can we expect from you for Carnival 2K14?

The Best – Incredible Roadmixes And Me Doing The Thing I Love – Playing Music

Photo Credit – Kevin Benny

Listen Marcus’s latest mix here: Dance 2 Dance

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