October 21, 2019

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DJ’s Who Rock The Road – Nuphoric

DJ’s Who Rock The Road – Nuphoric


Birth Name – Ryan Pankar, Patrick Alexis

DJ Name – Nuphoric

Band – TRIBE

For those of us who don’t know the history of Nuphoric and how it started, give us a brief insight to this dynamic duo.

I was part of a group called XTC and parting ways to start a new beginning. I was ill at home recovering from a broken leg and about to interview another candidate for the mic man position when Patrick visited me. I told him I was looking for a mic man and he jokingly said choose him. Patrick and I share a special bond since we are childhood friends. The chemistry we share is phenomenal so choosing him as the mic man for the Nuphoric was second nature.  

How do you keep the equilibrium alive?

The equilibrium is kept alive by understanding our balance is derived from our opposite energies. Ryan’s (Mr. Pank’s) clean precise delivery of music is complemented with Patrick’s (Hype Man) hype energy.

Mr. Panks and Patrick
Photo Courtesy David Wears

Ryan you started off your career in this industry in 1999, how have you grown from then to now and where do you see yourself in the next 3 years?

My definition of a great dj is being able to play for any type of event, for any mix of crowd, at any time slot in the event (start, middle or end). From the start of my career in 1999 to now i can say that i have definitely grown in this regard and am now confident to handle any event, crowd or time slot based on my years of experience and diverse knowledge of music of all genres. My selection and smooth mixing complement each other.

Patrick you bring a special energy to the forefront and you never disappoint in your delivery, where do you get this energy from?

This energy comes directly from music and the desire for people to really allow themselves to forget all the problems and just let the music set them free. On that mic I get to express myself in the music. I would like people to share in this vybe with me.

On the road with TRIBE, masqueraders look forward to Truck #4. It has now become THE truck to chip next to if you are looking for Jamishness and Euphoria. What is the secret towards this sudden popularity?

I have gained a lot of experience as a road dj over the years, my selections on the road play a big part to people having a good time. This compounded with Patrick’s hype is the main reason our truck is the truck to be chipping next to in Tribe. Patrick has experienced only 2 carnivals as a Mic man thus far. I think it was really important for me in my first Carnival with Tribe in 2012 to use this opportunity to showcase my vybe to Trinidad and the world. And that was exactly what we did as a team. Being assigned the Truck #4 position in our first year together on the road was a huge responsibility, one which we took very seriously. Truck #4 is smack dab in the middle of the band and it was important for us to show everyone why Nuphoric was placed there.

What is your all-time favorite road march?

Patrick – My favourite Road March is Band of the year , Patrice and Machel (2006)

Ryan – Mine is Tambu – Free Up (1989)

How has social media impacted your career over the past 5 years?

Patrick – Facebook has allowed me to be seen by so many people all over . Photographers post some pics of me doing some crazy stuff , like micing 15 ft in the air after I climbed up Pier 1’s wall, or me back flipping into Drew Manor’s pool for Tribe’s 12 North party. lol. Good times shared with all. I am the most anti-social social person you will meet. Hated ICQ, MSN Messanger, BB…even FB. But you will learn at some point if you gonna be in the industry, you gotta use all the resources you can if depending on how far you want to go.

Patrick at Tribe Las Lap 2013

Ryan – I only joined Facebook and twitter this year realizing its importance to the growth of Nuphoric. Social media on the whole has helped to make a lot of people aware of Nuphoric and has helped contribute to our quick rise on the dj circuit both locally and internationally. Instagram this week lol…

What is the craziest thing you’ve seen on the road for Carnival?

Patrick – Craziest thing for me was simply on my first year being on the top of the truck and on Mucurapo Rd by Fatima and looking back and seeing hundreds of people behind us, fist pumping to Rihanna’s “we found love” on Carnival Monday. It was epic.

Patrick and Back to Basics on the road with TRIBE 2012, Truck #4

Ryan – Craziest thing I’ve ever seen on the road for carnival happened this year on the Avenue close to More Vino – The band was at a dead stop and I put on the soca future instrumental… Patrick and Ricardo (Back to Basics) then went on top a 3 tonne truck and started to command the crowd and get them to sing out blaxx – leh go… by the time I brought in the original song I can’t even explain the response it got and no matter how many times I started over the song it kept getting more and more response until masqueraders started to jump into the truck until it was full. Never seen that kinda response for a song.


Nuphoric on the road with TRIBE – Leh GO from Jase Calderon on Vimeo.

What song best describes you as an individual?

Patrick – if its soca, I would say Fog by Machel. “this one (Nuphoric) gonna fog up d place” :), if its non soca then I like Mark Anthony’s “Vivir mi vida”

Ryan – Bob Marley – Three Little Birds

Describe your craziest fan girl experience. 

Patrick – Craziest fan girls experience is a girl walking up to me in Carnival and saying she was in love with me and wanted to move from Trinidad to marry me lol

Ryan – That’s strange… We both have the same craziest fan girl experience…

Patrick & Ryan
Photo Courtesy Lizard Blizzard

Zombies have invaded the Earth- who’d be on your fighting team?

Patrick – That’s easy , Bear Grylls survival guy. He would def be my captain.

Ryan – Easy for me too… Chuck Norris… talk done!

What are your hidden talents?

Patrick – hidden talents , hmm sorry to be boring ,but I do not think i have any.

As a road DJ how much input do you have in choosing which song masqueraders cross the stage to? 

The band never tells us what to play to cross the stage… As a dj more often than not by the time Carnival Friday reaches you more or less know what the masqueraders will want to hear to cross the stage. But if by chance you make the wrong choice – guess what after that first judging point – the crowd will definitely let u know!

Ryan and Patrick
Dynamic Duo poses for the camera

Outside of Trinidad Carnival which other Carnivals do you love to DJ at and why?

I have only ever played a Crop Over other than Trinidad carnival and of course there is no comparison. Maybe in the upcoming year Nuphoric will be able to better answer this question.

What can we expect from you for Carnival 2K14?

Patrick – Not sure what truck we will be on but vybe from start to finish next year is guaranteed. I am definitely trying some more climbing next year with a go pro camera attached to my chest to capture those crazy Hypeman and Mr Panks moments.

Ryan – The best combination of music and hype there is on the road for carnival. In short the best road show there is full stop!

Nuphoric LIFE… one beat at a time

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