June 16, 2019

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Exclusive Interview – BEST Band Launch Bodies: Soowan Bramble

Exclusive Interview – BEST Band Launch Bodies: Soowan Bramble

SOOWAN 7 Gary Jordan make up by Nina Alcantara


DOB/Age – 25th May, 


1.When did you start off your modelling career?

I started modelling at the age of 14. I was still in high school and I heard of The House Of Jacqui Fashion Agency, in South Trinidad where I’m from. Jacqui Koon How owner and founder of the Agency, taught me everything there is to know about modelling, the business and proper etiquette.  Alongside  Donna-K Willson, model coach with the agency, they both trained and groomed me in all the fundamentals of modelling . At the end of the course, I was indeed  prep -ready and I graduated as a “Total Person,” which was the Title of the course and is still given by Jacqui Koon How  of the House Of Jacqui till this day. I always consider The House Of Jacqui Fashion Agency to be more than just a Modelling Agency, but more like “Finishing School” for young ladies and young men.

 2.Who/What inspires you to become  better at your craft?

I will always remember the year 1998 when Wendy Fitzwilliam won the Miss  Universe title. I was just a little girl, but as I grew older I have always admired Wendy’s beauty, grace and elegance in person; on and off the runway. Wendy also had such an impeccable talent as she modelled, whether it was print work or on the catwalk and I admire that, she was my first inspiration. Another young lady that I grew to admire as my modelling career blossomed was the lovely Leah-Mari Guevara.

Leah-Mari inspired me in a personal way because at the moment I was striving to become better, the best model that I can be. I was still struggling with my skin (as a teen I had some acne) I was also dealing with the fact that I needed braces and as you all know , I am not as tall as the average model is supposed to be, I am only 5 feet 8 inches. (What I am getting at is the UGLY TRUTH IN MODELLING and that is PERFECTION. The better your skin, hair, teeth looks the more jobs clients will book you for, so you as a model, you have to take care of yourself, because you are your own product. Leah-Mari to me is one of the local models that I think possessed all the qualities of a Super Model in terms of the above mentioned qualities. So I looked up to her in terms for working on my skin and perfecting this part of my craft.

On an international scale, Naomi Campbell inspired me because of her runway technique and her shelf life, the number of years that she has been in the modelling industry and at the age of 44 she looks radiant, youthful and her body is amazing.  In addition to being one of the worlds oldest Super models she still books major campaigns,  hence I aspire to be like her because I will also like to have a very long modelling career in the international market as well.



3.You were crowned Best Model of the Universe in Panama, what does this accomplishment mean to you?

I have entered many beauty pageants. I am now the proud holder of 11 pageant titles and they all mean a lot to me. What’s special about winning Best Model of the Universe Pageant is that this Pageant is the first of its kind and I am really honoured to have taken part and be the first to have won such an honourable title. I feel very happy to know that I have done my country proud, also achieving 4 special awards at the pageant. BEST NATIONAL COSTUME, BEST CATWALK MODEL, BEST PHOTO MODEL and yes of course BEST BODY.

Having the opportunity to experience the Culture and the beauty of Panama City along with the other delegates from their respective countries was also a thrilling experience. It also gives me great pleasure to know that I am now internationally known for my craft as a model.

SOOWAN B 2  Antoney Scully  Make up Narvely Labastide


4. How will you use this title to inspire young women or men who aspire to become models?

Firstly, I will like to tell anyone that is aspiring to become models or anything that you set forth to do, you must have PASSION FOR IT. You must feel it deep inside like a burning flame. You must respect what you do. Too many times I see and know of models, wanting to be models for all the wrong reasons, for the fame, lime light or easy money etc. Honestly if that’s your purpose, I will be honest, quit right now and get a job as a secretary or at a bank or something else. Modelling is SERIOUS BUSINESS and just like any job you qualify for, you have to want to do that job. You have to go to bed anticipating going to court the next day if you’re a lawyer, you have to wake up happy to go to bank to help your next client if you work at a bank and the same way you have to live, eat, breathe, sleep modelling and be prepared to work HARD at this craft.

Entering Best Model Of The Universe Pageant was not all bed of roses. I worked really hard to get sponsors on board and preparing myself to be ready for the Pageant and because of my hard work and dedication, I was victorious. A month later, on my return to Trinidad, I was approached by Miss Kissa Abdullah, Mr. Kenwyne Jones and Miss Antoinette Rodriguez and with two major contracts with the opportunity to endorse  1. DOLLZ BEAUTY SPA, one of the leading Beauty spa’s in the county located at 45 Ann Street , Woodbrook and 2. SHH BOUTIQUE for the trendiest and fashionable clothing also located at 45 Anna Street Woodbrook. Working with these two brands have been phenomenal and I thank them all for the opportunity.  So to all aspiring models, if you are serious about this business, modelling, prove it and the rewards will come your way…



5.You are now called the new Wendy Fitzwilliam  how does this comparison makes you feel?

I have been called the “Black Kate Moss Of The Caribbean” on numerous occasions because of being petite in both my height and body size and also for being successful in the modelling arena. Honestly the first time I heard that comment “Soowan Bramble, the new Wendy Fitzwilliam,” my reaction was “oh wow really is that what everyone is saying” I smiled, I was flattered and I wasn’t sure if it was because we shared in the Mas band on carnival day on more than one occasion or if it’s because I’ve brought home the title of  Best Model Of The Universe, either way, Wendy Fitzwilliam is an icon to me and to the entire world. A beautiful person inside out and being compared to Wendy Fitzwilliam, I feel nothing less than HONOURED, tremendously. She has been one of my idols and inspiration for as long as I can remember. I wish her all the best in her endeavours and I will love to be as or even more successful as Wendy Fitzwilliam some day. Love you Wendy muah!!



6.What do you do apart from modelling?

I am a full time professional model and I am very proud to say that.  I am also employed with the University Of Trinidad and Tobago Caribbean Academy Of Fashion Design for the past 5 years, as the first ever Fashion Sketch Model. My job encapsulates being the principle model of the Academy. I usually work alongside a lecturer as he\she teaches the fundamentals of fashion, draping, fashion figure, perfect model proportions etc. The students are given the opportunity to sketch a live model “Me” in swimwear and fashionable garments. I usually stand for 15 to 30 minutes at a time. This job requires a great deal of discipline, focus and concentration since it can be quite tedious, the same amount of discipline required when modelling for runway or print. I am also required to be present for fittings as the students are also trained to design, drape and sew fashionable garments. The University CAFD has produced exceptional and talented young designers, such as Delia Alleyne the person responsible for teaching  Winner of Project Runway Anya Ayoung-Chee  to sew . Working at the University CAFD is a wonderful job, I am really happy there. This is also why I can say that I am a “FULL TIME MODEL”


7.What are your diet and fitness routines like in order to maintain your physique?

Modelling is now and has been for a long time, not just a job or business; but a life style. I can boast and say that I haven’t worked out for the past 4 years even if that may be true. There are time where I am too busy or even tired to go to the gym, I will admit to that, but as a serious, full time model my body, my health , my skin, hair, nails, all of me is my product and I have to look after and take care of it. I have been a gymnast for the past 16 years so even if I cannot make it to the gym I find the time to do my bodily work out in the comfort of my own home in order to maintain a healthy physique. Working out and keeping fit is also a great way to keep your skin healthy, glowing and looking youthful .

My diet usually consist of mostly home cooked foods so myself and my mother monitor the amount of seasonings, oils and unnecessary meats I consume, as this is also not recommended for healthy skin. My diet will usually consist of either a salad or some fruits daily. I do not eat white flour and I will not eat three hours before my bed time.  As a model I understand and respect my body, keeping it nourished and fit is my responsibility.


8. Band launching season is right around the corner, which band/s are you excited to see launch, also which band do you enjoy modelling for the most?

I think every band has their own unique style and energy that gives a different vibe.  Every theme, style, and stage setting is different each year. I am just very excited to be part of all the different band launches gracing the stage, because of the excitement and every one is epic.

9.Do you think models are paid enough to model costumes at band launches?

I think that by now band leaders should consider the strenuous task it is to put on a fantastic show  on their behalf. There are experienced models, models that wear tons more that others on the night of the presentation and models that are not as experienced.  I do think that it is time that the payment sheet be revised for band launches.

SOOWAN 3 Damien Luk Pat

10.Is there a signature move you do on the runway especially for Carnival to try and “sell the costume” to the audience?

I don’t necessarily have a signature move on the runway. What I usually do before a I enter the stage in full costume is to find out the proper name for the section \ costume and try to become one with that costume and portray it to best fit that theme and name given. I also have my signature walk and a  beautiful body that the audience recognizes.

 11.Which band are you playing with for Carnival 2014?

Well because I am a full time model by profession and now the  title holder of Best Model Of The Universe, I am contracted to reign for a year so my schedule is very busy and tight, especially in terms of travelling to different countries, I’m not sure if I will be in Trinidad for carnival 2014. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Campari Campaign 3

 12.Which band launch runway will you grace this season?

There is a question on everybody’s lips.  Well I started off the band launch season with the Band Harts and wow, what a exciting, sexy and thrilling way to kick things off. So stay tuned to your Band Launch calendars and to Trinidad Carnival Dairy to see what band\s I, Soowan Bramble will be modelling for at their 2014 band launch presentations. Thanks to everyone for the love and support – Carnival 2014 has begun!!!

Soowan2 harts 2014


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