June 16, 2019

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Fantasy Carnival 2013 Review

Fantasy Carnival 2013 Review

DISCLAIMER: The review following review was  sent in independently by patrons of a service or fete . Trinidad Carnival Diary  does not endorse the opinions of, or warrant the accuracy of facts or other Content contributed by,any third party.

Fantasy Carnival

So after reading and watching Fantasy get blast left, right and center, for their poor service as some may have received, I decided to do this review. As with everything else, there is always two sides to be heard, and sometimes we need to give positivity some attention too.



I had absolutely no issues with registration at all. I believe Fantasy was quite organised in this area, once you yourself were organised (in terms of payment and sizes known).


My mas buddy and I went down to Chaguaramas after work on our specified date for collection. Both of us being residents of Glencoe, this trip was not at all difficult for us. We arrived at Convention Centre was guided where to park by parking attendants and then shown to the distribution area by staff and security. Upon entering the banquet hall, we were told what direction to go in and then was informed that our section (Acat) was not ready for distribution as yet, but we can go straight to pay the balance and then come back out to wait. While making our payment, we were then told that the costumes has just arrived and we can proceed straight to the back for collection, instead of going back outside to wait. As we proceeded in the back we joined a short line and within 5 mins, was attended to. Costumes brought out, check off, with additional monday wear (which was unexpected), and additional bag. These additions were specifically from the designers of the costume – Richard & Anthony – and had their names on them. With costumes in hand, we were shown to the back for goodie bag and hand bands. Inside the goodie bag was toothpaste, shaver, pads, tampons, condoms, cup, rag, a whole lot of coupons, pringles & other snacks, and some other things I can’t remember right now. Personally, I’ve gotten some much worse goodie bags than this one in the past. But nothing can ever compare to a Poison goodie bag (long gone are those days lol). Total time spent was approximately 25 mins, from parking to departure. My costume was on point, I loved it so. I’m a sucker for a big headpiece, so this costume had my heart from the very beginning. Every bead & feather was in the exact place where I expected and it remained intact for all of Tuesday.


Carnival Monday 

We arrived at the shuttle area at 9.30 am and got into the first of eight maxis which were waiting to shuttle masqueraders  The driver took us to the meeting point, where Fantasy was starting to assemble. Thereafter the band proceeded to the stage. Road party was on great fun, stage was niceness. Lunch stop was next. My mas buddies and I devised a plan, where one would get the lunches, one get the blankets and other get drinks. This worked well, because blankets soon ran out and the lines for food got long. The food served its purpose. Back on the road, down St. James . We got our afternoon snack, Royal Castle and then we jumped out to meet our drop back home to prepare for the next day.

Carnival Tuesday 

We arrived at the shuttle area for 7.15 am and again had no issues with the shuttle. We were dropped off at the closest point, and proceeded towards the band. After seeing which bands were in front of us, I knew we weren’t going anywhere any time soon. We attempted to get breakfast, which was cold sada and alo0, and opted not to take it. We made our way up and down Charlotte Street through the band, looking for friends and family to take our “early morning fresh pics”, then decided to walk up Charlotte to see how the line in front of us was moving. Some of my peeps decided to remain in the band. Walking up Charlotte St, I saw IP, Spice, Ronnie & Caro, Renegades, Tribe, and another unknown small band. I contacted my crew and told them I suspected they would re-route and to contact me if Fantasy makes that wise decision before I get back. So said, so done. Fantasy re-routed across Oxford St and I met them back on Tragarete Road. We walked ahead to the rest grounds as it was now almost 2pm and we were hungry. Reached at the rest grounds and again our plan worked well. When the masses finally arrived with the band, we were well fed, rested and ready to go again.

My hope was that seeing that we missed out on the Savannah stage, they would consider taking us down the avenue to get that stage experience instead. We were not so lucky. The route remained towards St. James which would then lead to the after party in St. Johns (So I heard). We opted not to go and instead chipped behind Bliss down the avenue.

All in all, I would give my Fantasy 2013 experience a 7 out of 10. I had a good time on the road, but as a seasoned masquarader I have learnt that having a good time, rests on you and your crew. I have been to many BUSS parties before and still had a blast of a time, because we just have that vibes. Fantasy can only do so much! Yes they did make a few poor choices, such as assembling at the bottom of Charlotte St on Tuesday morning, but they did have their act together for most of the two days. I will give them another year, once the costumes designs are on point again.


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