June 16, 2019

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Fantasy Carnival “Blockbuster”- The Saucy Review

Fantasy Carnival “Blockbuster”- The Saucy Review

Cleopatra -In the interest of full disclosure I will admit that this costume was literally made for me, I have a personal attachment to Cleo. From the time I heard Fantasy’s 2015 theme, knowing for sure I would be back for the third year playing in Fantasy, I excitedly called Richard (one half of the designing duo Richard and Anthony) and we both said at the same time Anthony and Cleopatra; the love affair was borne. For months I harassed Richard with ideas and photos, plus I gave them my wish list of my dream costume for Carnival 2015; must be red, no backpack, no super sized headpiece, I wanted an easy costume to carry and I have never done arm wings.

You could then imagine my unbridled excitement waiting to see the final product of this perfect  red costume  designed for  me . I was not disappointed. Cleopatra , the entire section, is one of the best designed and complete sections that I have seen so far for Carnival 2015.  Also it gets the theme spot on, the individual costumes were the best I have ever seen  done from Richard and Anthony.

The detail on the Frontline headpiece and wings are amazing, the wings are genius in  construction, they are fully movable with your own arm movements, so you can bend your arms  and swing your arms all with no difficulty. They are designed like sleeves so your hands come out at a point, free to hold a drink (most important!). I also love that the bra is a full bra and the decorated bikini looks very very very tiny but the gold fabric gives it the illusion of it being more naked than it is. The backline gives two bra options, two headpiece options as well as a mini version of the Isis wings. The male also has two versions to choose from, overall a brilliant section I love every single thing about it! Standing ovation for Cleopatra, bow down to the Queen!




Frozen– This is another section that I peeked before launch,  during the construction, my only critiques at the time was “needs more blue”, “needs to look like an ice queen” , “need to change that headpiece”. I was floored when I saw the final version of this costume as I was on the fence on an all white costume, however  it is absolutely gorgeous . The touches of  blue breaks up the monochromatic white adding interest and a nice contrast !  I love, love the  shape of frontline backpack and body wear, though the bra  styling is reminiscent of YUMA’s Amulana.

A special mention to the Individual for this section, which is totally stunning, it was the only costume to give me pause and second guess Cleopatra as first choice.  I love that the body wear for the backline is again so very well decorated and that you have the options for headpiece and/or collar.  The male costume is also one of the better ones, though the trend for basic male costumes for 2015 continues.  Another costume that captures the theme for me. Standing ovation for Frozen




Avatar – I think I going to be repeating myself a lot by saying yet another fully decorated, detailed  costume, both on Frontline and Backline  which even has a proper belt. The headpiece on Avatar frontline is just ridiculous in size, that is a whole lot of feathers, I love it!

The touches of pink really highlights and contrasts  the monotony of all the blue which is the main thing keeping it on “theme”, this section is going to be brilliant on the road . I like that the necklace extends into body jewelry on the Frontline bra, that the bikini bottom is fully decorated and the fact that the bra is not a wire bra as I am partial to the demi cup. It at least give women options for frontline that do not include a wire bra which is seemingly standard on most frontlines today.

The backline headpiece reminds me of Tribes of Tikal, which was the one feature on that costume which made the entire backline look complete on the road for 2013.  Do not underestimate this backline, it is one of the best shown, very well put together, decorated and accessorized. Again another decent male, I really have to reach to find males that are a step above basic. Standing ovation  for Avatar

DSC_2732   DSC_2660

City of Angels – This is the “Pearls” of 2015, very soft, pretty and feminine costume, even the bikini bottom is the same style as Pearls . My favourite thing about this costume is the shades of coral and peach, I think this will be lovely under the sun. I love  the angel wings backpack, construction wise the plumes fall better than coque and I like that they are tipped and layered all the way down.

The one thing I did not care for on the frontline is the appliqué on the crotch piece of the bikini bottom, I have a natural aversion to appliqué  on any costume period . The backline costume has to be seen in person to appreciate the detail on that bra, it is so pretty!  The entire thing is encrusted in AB gems, the baby wings are also a cute touch. The male is disappointingly very generic. 5 claps for City of Angels DSC_2767

National Treasure – First off I do not get the relation to theme apart from the fact that the frontline monokini is heavily decorated in gems. That being said I just love the style of the monokini coupled with the shape of the round backpack, they both complement the other beautifully and these shades of purple are very pretty combined. I actually prefer the skullcap headpiece to the feathered headpiece, as I feel its a stand out feature, the feathered headpiece is too typical and expected.

I really like the body wear on the backline, nice detailing as an alternative to the standard bra and belt. The best part of the backline for me is the mini backpack. So thankful to not see another feather collar though I know backline usually needs something “extra” for the ladies who do not want the basic belt, bra and headband. Another basic male, nothing to write about. 5 claps for National Treasure. DSC_2798



Black Swan– Just last week I said  that I did not like black costumes for the road, I love colourful costumes. This week Black Swan came along and slowly grew on me until it became one of my favourites in Fantasy. I appreciate the frontline one piece (though the back is naked!) for the ladies who want coverage but still want to be sexy.

The gold heavily beaded mesh one piece looks rich, and there is more gold than black so it does not look dark and heavy for the road. The beak headband is cute and I do love the wings, perfect size for the costume and shape.  I can see a whole lot of thought process went into the backline to come up with something that ties in the ballet theme without looking silly, I mean an adult in a tutu can come off as absurd if done wrong, especially for Carnival.

I think the designer managed to get the ballerina effect without looking cutesy, it is actually pretty sexy and I do love the swan winged shaped shoulder pieces and the leg pieces that look like the straps form ballet shoes. Well done  Justin Scott 5 claps.




Pocahontas– Another section I had reservations about at first, I dreaded the fact that the costume would come across as  campy Halloween, good to see my fears were  proven wrong.  Sandra Hordatt did an excellent job on the Individual, I loved how the leg pieces moved with the model on stage and that headpiece is everything! Love it, love the colours,  I think it should be offered as an option for “super frontline” personally. On the frontline my favourite detail are the arm pieces, it’s different and easy to carry on the road if you are a no frills frontliner.

The backline has a sexy cut out bra, I would have added more colour to the fringe but it is cute as is. My one critique would be the body wear on both frontline and individual is similar in silhouette to what Sandra did for Carnival 2014, I have friends who did not choose this section based solely on the fact that they wore Dragon Koi this year. For some reason this male is popular, must be the included suede swag bag! 4 claps for Pocahonatas. DSC_2791





Pompeii – The  things I really love on this frontline are the erupting explosion of feathers on the backpack, headpiece, the style of the  wire bra monokini , and how well it is decorated with the dripping gems, all beautifully done and the vibrant colours are perfect for the road. My one critique is that the bikini bottom could have been decorated, I think it being plain looks odd in contrast to the rest of the costume, as if the belt is hiked up too high and the underwear is showing.

Backline is pretty, well decorated, no one stand out feature to me however . The male is again, basic. 4 claps for Pompeii


Last of the Mohicans –  there is a hot debate that the body wear on this costume looks like TRIBE’s  Hawkeye, I personally do not see it apart from the fact that it is a wire bra with a spider panty, but I can see how the comparison is made. For the record Hawkeye did not invent the spider panty for Carnival, this trend has been making the rounds in the North American Carnivals since last year. Fantasy, YUMA and several other bands also offered the spider panty last year, so I think it is safe to say the spider panty is now as common as the regular bikini and is here to stay.

What I do think this  frontline  costume reminds me of is TRIBE’s Amazon (2011) , the colour scheme and mohawk style headpiece is similar, with the exception of Mohicans having more coloured beading on the frontline bra and panty as the entire thing is covered in beads. I love the headpiece and arm pieces on the frontline, the backline is also pretty and I do hope it comes with he mohawk headpiece as standard. The male costume with mohawk is one of the best in Fantasy. 4 claps for Mohicans.

1964910_10152351734090777_4682667439696726690_n   10583824_10152351734360777_1746336271808290135_n

Diamonds are Forever – The colour scheme is very pretty, again the pastels give it that  very soft quality. The body chain/necklace is a stand out , possibly the best feature of this costume for me. The headpiece is pretty, though I feel like I have seen this shape and style multiple times before, I have the similar feeling about the backline; seen it for 2014 in another colour.

The one thing I would possibly change is the bottom piece on the frontline , I didn’t think it matched the overall dimensions of the costume, it is just too small! 4 claps for Diamonds.



Troy –  Cascading arm pieces and a manageable feathered headpiece , yes, this is a frontline  for the ladies who do not want too much to stand in their way of enjoyment on the road.

I like the body wear as well, it is very sexy the white with muted gold is a great combination. I am still trying to understand why the backline has wings (did I miss that part of the movie) and how they could miss giving the male a shield and headpiece! 3 claps for Troy, it would have been four but the backline bra is woefully under decorated.

10495130_10152351139745777_2531466504565416726_o   10526068_10152351736835777_5021251899850139508_n

Prince of Persia –  Beautiful colours, love how they photographed and looked on the models. I do wish there was more of an Arabic feel to the costume in terms of decoration and detail, its a very very pretty costume, nicely decorated but more generic to theme for me.

Even the male is pretty standard and there was room to at least add a sash or turban. I cannot find fault in the backline either except to say it is your standard collar upgrade. Overall 3 claps for Persia, pretty but standard.




Epic – I have never seen this movie , all I know is that there is a bird in it. I am getting the “bird” from the wings on the frontline and  though I like how the colours stand out, I am not a fan of the yellow and green combined personally.

The monokini is an interesting style, and I think the backline is pretty cute….why the white on the belt though?  I just felt this costume had more potential given the theme, they could have added a tail, just saying! 3 claps for Epic




Enchanted – Very cute costume, cute colours, cute arm wings on the backline ( I actually really like that detail) however I am left with the feeling that something is missing apart from a male costume. I can’t say what exactly I would add to Enchanted but it just looks to me like it needs more of something! Headpiece, backpack? A bigger belt? 3 claps for Enchanted, it is still very cute and very pretty just lacking a stand out feature for me.




Rio – Jumping right into another costume that I though had LOADS of inspiration to draw form but turned out very basic. The individual at the launch is what I would have expected the frontline to look like, those hip feathers  are so flirty, and I love how they are attached seamlessly to the bodywear.

The shades of blue are also very pretty, will look gorgeous on the road. However the frontline barely has feathers and this is a movie about birds, and while I appreciate that the hip wings extended to backline  I do not like it on the sides, it is not flattering to add emphasis to the hips. 2.5 claps for Rio DSC_2784           1973823_10152351726705777_1609035622580417926_o

Midnight in Paris – first time designers here so I am sorry to say that the combination of moss green, teal, mint and beige did not do it for me nor does the lace on the frontline bra/s. I also think the placement of the feathers  on the collar is on the heavy side, not that it is too much feathers just that there is no variation in the yards of coque stacked on each other, Maybe break it up with some plumes or nagorie, it looks too bulky especially when the headpiece is added.

What I do love is the bikini on the frontline, love the style and how it is decorated. 2.5 claps for Midnight.




Rambo – Let me get my thoughts on the Individual out of the way. Conceptually I think it was a good idea, however execution pushed the envelope on what the boundaries are on risqué costumes. The deep V cut was indeed cut TOO low.

What made it even more disgusting was that someone used the backstage photo of full costume that my photographer took, cropped it and zoomed in to only the crotch area; I was mortified. Firstly because the photo was not taken with the intent to embarrass the model like that and secondly because I did not want anyone thinking I deliberately took such an intrusive and vulgar shot of the costume.

Eventually I was able to get the photo removed from Facebook  ( I had deleted the original promptly) but it was too late as that monokini was already the talk of the town.

If you didn’t know who Fantasy Carnival was, you know now. Zero claps and resting bitch face for the fact that the monokini ever made it on a model, on the runway and to the perpetrators who plastered a 17 year old’s private bits all over social media. As for Rambo the section itself, with some editing this could have been a pretty cool costume. I for one do not like the use of coral to create the camouflage effect, yes it is unexpected, but I think bright green would have been more effective.

Also where are the bullets and dog tags? Ok I am being facetious but I was expecting some more in the way of theme as in YUMA’s Call of Duty. I do like the body wear on the frontline, again I just wished the colour palette was different and I am definitely not associating so may feathers with Rambo. This is one costume that did not need feathers to be honest, just a little stretching of the imagination. 2 quick claps for Rambo.





My thoughts on Blockbuster. There are mostly very solid costumes with several stand out sections. Overall I think  the band as a whole is very well done. Backline looks great , frontline looks fabulous and I rate Fantasy highly for costume detailing, variety and prettiness factor. Nothing looks rushed, hurriedly done or like they just threw feathers on underwear. You can appreciate that there was a thought process for most of the designs even if the theme was not as literally translated in some as it was for others. This was my longest review with ALL 17 sections whew!

p.s. I did not see Maleficent on the website even though it was shown at the launch, I left it out of the review as I am at a lost as to what exactly it is. Is there a backline? A male? Is it an individual? All I know is it was one that should have probably been left on the cutting floor!

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