November 11, 2019

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Five reasons why being a Carnival Chaser can be one of your most fulfilling life experiences

Five reasons why being a Carnival Chaser can be one of your most fulfilling life experiences

  • You collect moments not things. Yes this is a very cliché sentiment that will leave you wondering exactly how these moments are going to pay your bills upon return from that awesome Carnival trip. However, you can always make more money (or be forced to find new ways to increase your income), but you would NEVER be able to live down regret.
  • The regret of missing out on the euphoria of a once in a lifetime moment of being soaked in paint and mud, the freedom of no one knowing who you are , not having to censor your behavior for fear of judgement and just being to simply enjoy the moment in total abandon from worries, cares or stress.


  • You connect with a community of like minded individuals. Being a Carnival lover can be a somewhat isolating experience if your family and friends cannot identify with, share or understand your passion. Carnival chasing has spawned many groups of strangers around the globe who interact via social media with the sole purpose of making group trips from country to country. These groups not only support your passion, they also create a built in network for veterans to share advice, Carnival virgins feel welcomed and even forge lasting friendships.


  • You get a taste for travel that can never be quite satisfied. Sure your first trip to another carnival might be a domestic flight to a destination that is less than an hour away, but from that first trip you will always want to explore and see more. St. Louis Cardinals Store Once you get into a routine and the travel bug bites you will be seeking out Carnivals undiscovered by the masses. The more of the world you see, the more you would want to see. So many destinations, so little time!


  • You learn to budget and sacrifice to achieve your goals. Anyone who lives the Carnival chasing lifestyle will tell you it is not cheap.
  • You become an expert in seeking out flight deals, negotiating cheap accommodation and knowing which destinations give you the most value for your money. You budget, you give up splurging on anything that is not adding to your trip fund, you work overtime, you rack up miles, and you basically do as much as you can to have the money to make this Carnival chasing lifestyle a year round experience. While your friends are clubbing on weekends you are at home satisfied that all those weekends you gave up to Netflix meant you just paid off for your costume. Once you learn that you CAN make it happen, you learn that word “can’t” does not exist.


  • You learn to live a life of no regrets. This is it, today, not next week, not next year, not another life; you only have this ONE and being a Carnival chaser this is always your justification for saying “I am going!.” You recognize that this is an opportunity that may never come around again and you grab on to it enthusiastically.

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