October 21, 2019

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Getting Road Ready for Jamaica Carnival in 3 weeks, is it too late? | By Marcus Walker

Getting Road Ready for Jamaica Carnival in 3 weeks, is it too late? | By Marcus Walker

Marcus Walker aka The Talent
Hey Guys! Marcus aka The Talent is here! So Trinidad carnival is over and now you’re gearing up for Jamaica Carnival. Some of you may have kept that carnival body while others are still struggling to get road ready. Now there’s no quick fix or magic pills to obtaining the ideal body. That takes a lot of time and dedication. What we can do though is get you conditioned for the road. Here are a few simple tips for getting that Jamaica body:         Decrease your sugar intake – Opt for nutritious snacks (fruits, nuts etc) as they are rich in nutrients like proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates as opposed to refined sugars (sweets, bread) that are filled with empty calories or non-essential nutrients. Increase your water intake – Start replacing soft drinks, juice and energy drinks with water.

  • – it lowers your calorie consumption, it keeps you hydrated and improves organ function Eat Less, Move More – Eat Less:

    1. Eat smaller meals throughout the day and be consistent with what you eat – try preparing the same type of breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day to standardize your meals. This is an easy way of tracking your daily calorie consumption. Always choose healthy options such as:
      1. Breakfast – Oats, and fruit
      2. Morning Snack – Nuts/Yogurt
    • Lunch – Baked chicken breast, brown/red rice, and vegetables
    1. Evening Snack – Fruit
    2. Dinner – Chicken caesar salad

    Move More:

    1. For best results a healthy diet in conjunction with frequent exercise is key – for optimal results, I suggest you join a gym/boot camp or workout at home.
      1. Do 45 mins – 2 hours of cardio every day on a treadmill, elliptical, stair master or stationary bike.
      2. You can even go for a run/walk outdoors.

      3. Do HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) or LISS (Low-Intensity Steady State) training. You can always check YouTube channels like Fitness Blender for tips and routines.
    • Enlist the aid of a personal trainer

    By eating less you decrease your calorie consumption and by moving more you increase how many calories you burn. Your chances of losing weight and building condition will be extremely high.

    1. Set weekly short term goals – these tasks may seem daunting in the long run but once you create a short-term diet and exercise goals per week you wouldn’t feel overwhelmed by all of the changes you are making to your daily routine.
      1. Gradual goals such as
        1. reducing flour consumption
        2. reducing refined sugar consumption
        3. reducing snacking
        4. decreasing eating out
        5. increasing your cardio time every day
        6. increasing daily water consumption

    The tips will definitely go a long way in getting ready for Jamaica Carnival.

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