November 12, 2019

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Goddess of the Road – Carolyn Gomez

Goddess of the Road – Carolyn Gomez

Even if you do not know her name, you surely know her face as Carolyn Gomez is admittedly one of the most photographed women of Trinidad and Tobago Carnival. Over the years she has been actively sought out by photographers and her skimpy costumed feathered glory has graced many a website and newspaper. Carolyn is also a staple at Labor Day and Miami Carnival  in her daring one of a kind custom costume creations.

Carolyn has become the face of Trinidad Carnival Diary’s “Hottie Over 30” post Carnival ode to the women who lead the charge of looking  fabulous on the road, age not withstanding. Designer muse, Band Launch model, mother of two, video vixen, and fitness enthusiast Carolyn has 10,000 followers on Instagram who follow her new passion of “eating clean, training dirty” giving inspiration to all on a daily basis.

But, do you know the woman behind the toned abs and megawatt smile? Here we get to know her a little better.

20 Questions with the ultimate Carnival Goddess, Carolyn Gomez.

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1. We know a woman never reveals her age but, what’s your date of birth?

Ha, I was born on 25/06/74 I’m hitting the big 40 soon ,trembles at the thought lol! No, but seriously I’m proud of my age, because it’s not how old you are but how you feel and look.

2. Besides looking fabulous, what’s your occupation ?

I’m a Senior executive in a huge Financial Company in Hewlett New York, I feel very fortunate to be blessed with this job, Lord, how else would I be able to pay for all these expensive costumes I better have a Career.

3. In what year did you start playing Mas , can you list the bands you have played with over the years?
The first year I played Mas was in 1988 I was a teenager, I played with Peter Minshall, Charlies Roots was the Live Band on the road, I never stopped playing Mas since then. I forgot the name of the costume, but it was a huge colored skirt and a little top, a lot of fabric.
Peter Minshall
Barbarrosa  (Including the Strong Men and Rude Girls section)
Island People
4. Have you ever missed a Carnival? If so what was the reason ?

Yes I missed a few Carnivals, when I got pregnant with my son who’s 9 years now. Another year I used up  all my vacation days  at work so if I  had left I would have been fired and another time I had no damn money, my ass was broke!

5. How many Carnivals do you participate in each year ?

I do a few, I rotate between Washington, Boston, Miami, New York, Jamaica, Antigua, Barbados, Canada, Trinidad of course; I hope I didn’t miss any lol.

photo (75)
Labor Day 2013 on the road with Sesame Flyers.

6. What was your first Frontline costume experience and have you done Backline since ?

The first Frontline costume I did was in Poison, it was a red and silver beautiful costume, that was the year they started Frontline, I’ve never done a backline costume since then.

7. Favourite Carnival costume of all time ?

Oh my God! This is a tough one. Well it’s no secret I love Akin and Caprice, it’s not just the costume but how they cater to me and they know what works on my body, Richard and Anthony do the exact thing as well. I feel safe with them because they get me, but I truly loved my costume in Fantasy this year done by Richard and Anthony and my Costume in  Miami  last year done by Akin and Caprice, that Mohawk Headpiece Akin did for me was to die for!

8. What do you love the most about Carnival and playing Mas?

Honestly I love being naked lol, ok let me stop! I love getting prepared to hit the streets, the make-up, the jewellery, all the extras, I love hitting the street and feeling that overwhelming energy. The excitement is hard to contain, the colors, the fun, the men, everyone coming together and just having so much fun; I’m addicted to it, nothing compares to this feeling.

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Carolyn at Miami Carnival 2013
Photo Credit: Trini Jungle Juice

9.  How do you choose your Carnival costume ? Rumour is you go for the one with the least coverage and most feathers.

Rumor is right lol, but besides being naked, I have a weird high yellow complexion that turns burnt orange when I get to Trinidad, it’s weird. I have to know that the costume I choose must compliment my skin tone. I tried an earthy shade one year because I loved the costume so much, but  it did not work for me at all, lesson learned.

10. When does your Carnival preparation start and what does it include? Diet? Exercise? Monthly spa visits for secret anti ageing treatments ?

Oh lord, ok years ago, I would workout only two  weeks before Carnival, do the  lemon diet or some cleanse and basically starve. In those days I would  only workout before a Carnival. Those days are long gone because it has been one year now and I’ve been working out all year round, so I’m basically fit all year and not just for Carnival.
One week before carnival I exfoliate my body vigorously every day, then  slather on Vitamin E, lots of Vitamin E, mixed with Nivea body lotion and  good old fashion petroleum jelly, this shit works! So after scrubbing the hell out of my body with the exfoliating gloves and a sugar scrub that I get from Bath and Body Works , that  Vitamin E mix works.
11. Single or taken ?

12. Solo Superstar or plays Mas with a crew?

Solo Superstar, you can play with ME  if you want, but when I pick my costume it’s for me, you pick your own and we can all jump together. A few years I played all  by myself, my brother dropped me to meet the band.

Carolyn at Labor Day 2012 with Sesame Flyers
Photo Credit: That Magic Moment

13. If you could only choose ONE Carnival fete to attend at Trinidad Carnival which one would it be ?

Oh my Lord, ok let me think. There is the “posing party”, then there is the “get on party” hmmmm….but ultimately I will pick Beach house, a mixture of both.

14. How on earth do you play Mas in heels and heeled boots ?

Ahahaha, I wear heels all day on work, so I live in it. I love the look people give me when they see me on the road with 6 inch heels, they see me jumping up and getting on crazy, they are like “what the hell?” Yes I’m wearing  heels because I can walk in it, if I couldn’t I would never attempt such feat…… My feet still kill me the next day though lol, I ain’t gonna lie

Fantasy Carnival 2012

15. Give us a run down of getting ready Carnival Tuesday morning before hitting the road. Do you roll out of bed straight into a pool of glitter ?

Hahaha, I do the exact same thing every time. Prior to the day, I get waxed all over, yes ALL  over!  Tuesday morning I get up pretty early, I used to get my makeup professionally done, but for the past few years I’ve been doing it myself.

I hit the showers  then I slather sun block all over my body, so I’m walking around like a white mummy, after a few minutes it sets in, I do another coat, and then I start with my face. This takes time, after that I do my hair and well , it takes no time to put on the costume that’s laid out already. When I’m done I look at myself in the mirror and scream with excitement, I’m ready to hit the road, but not before a johnny walker straight lol.

16. You are always Camera ready and get tons of pics , is it that you practice posing for the cameras, what’s your signature pose?

I guess the practice comes from years of posing for pics, but depending on the costume I love turning to the side and leaning forward to show what little curves I have, my left side is my better side lol.

photo (47)
Band Launch model Sesame Flyers 2013

17. The one thing people would be surprised to know about you ?

I’m a workaholic, since I’ve known myself I’ve been working. People also look at me and think my life is some exciting life, my life is pretty simple. I work 5 days a week , crazy hours, and I’m always tired. And for all those who know me they will boast that I can cook anything, I’m an only girl and I learned from my mom….

18. How do you deal with the fans, haters, stalkers and being asked to constantly pose for photos on Carnival Monday and Tuesday?

I don’t like to use the word “haters”, I don’t like giving light to strangers who don’t matter ; the opinion of others about me does not phase me one bit. Years ago it bothered me, now I  just pretend I’m deaf. I will never understand a woman who chooses to watch and talk about another chick on the road instead of enjoying her Carnival experience and wining on every man she sees, some women just can’t help it.  I ignore them, I smile and keep it moving, but for the most part I get a whole lot of love, and the love that I get overshadows the hate by a milestone. I choose to be extra so I have to play the part and take the pics, I enjoy it…..

19. Your top tips for anyone wanting to look like a Carnival Goddess? Seriously, do you even sweat on the road ?

My tip would be to have fun with it, pose and pose until you can’t pose any more, smile like the whole world is watching, this is our day, we work hard all year and it’s our time now………. Girl I sweat lol but I make sure and get it together real quick

20. Which band are you gracing with your presence for Carnival 2014 and what can we expect your costume to look like?

Since I’ve made the switch to Fantasy their first year , the debut, I said to myself, this is my band! So Fantasy is where I’ll be for Carnival 2014. My costume is being made especially for me by Richard and Anthony, I’m an Individual next year. Well it’s going to be naked as usual lol, but this time I’ll have an enormous headpiece and a backpack of all backpacks. Yes, I will be in all my glory on  Carnival Tuesday, typing this made me smile, I cannot wait…..!!!!!
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