November 12, 2019

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Goddess of The Road – Heidi Walcott Hadeed

Goddess of The Road – Heidi Walcott Hadeed

Photo Credit – S&M Photography

We know a woman never reveals her age but, what’s your date of birth?
Still happily in my 20’s *wink*


Are you a born and bred Trini? What’s your lineage?
I was born and raised in my Sweet TnT, as were my parents. My Father is Chinese, Carib and Spanish and my Mother is Portuguese and English. A real Trini Callaloo!


Besides looking amazing, what’s your occupation?
I Studied Business and then Fashion Design a combination I took to Bradford Trading Ltd. (Clothing, Retail, Uniforms) to gain experience and guide me towards owning and operating my own chain, hopefully soon!



In what year did you start playing Mas, can you list the bands you have played with over the years?
Oh gosh I started playing Sweet Trini Mas at 16, the exact year eludes me! *wink*


Have you ever missed a Carnival? If so what was the reason?
Unfortunately Yes! In the past it was a mixture of School Exams, Family Vacations and recently my Husband and I take turns, we play when it’s my turn, the following year is his and he decides the adventure!


Which was your first Frontline costume experience and have you done Backline since?
If my memory serves me, my first shebang was 2009 or 2010, The Black Swan Costume!

heidi carn tue 2011
Photo Credit – Devi Nath

Favourite Carnival costume of all time?
A tough decision but My 2014 Costume was a sentimental Red, White & Black Tribute to my sweet TnT! I walked on stage waved our flag high and tears filled my eyes!


What do you love the most about Carnival and playing Mas?
Designing and building my own costumes at Harts! Its blood, sweat & tears but wearing the final product, dancing to sweet Trini music and forgetting our sorrows for just a moment is pure Happiness!


When does your Carnival preparation start and what does it include? Diet? Exercise? Spa treatments? Waxing?
I exercise on and off year round, but pick up the pace a couple months before & even more intensely a few weeks before. Healthier food choices are made but I’m a veggie loving vegetarian so this is easy! Otherwise I take a wax and that’s it! Not much fuss here!

Photo Credit – Gerald Hart


Solo Superstar or plays Mas with a crew?
Both, love my crew but also love alone time to take in the sweet music and chip to the beat!

Photo Credit – Devi Nath

If you could only choose ONE Carnival fete to attend at Trinidad Carnival which one would it be?
ONE??! SOAKA!!! or maybe Machel Monday’s or Bacchanal Wednesday or ‘One’ Fete used to be amazing!


We know you are a Harts girl, what can we expect your costume to look like?


How much of your input goes into making your own costume?
Harts really is family, they invite me to come in and design my costume, Mostly because I’ll be there, every day until 5am helping to make it.


Who do people tell you is your celebrity look alike?
Oh gosh, I’ve gotten from Bollywood Actresses to Latina, who do you all think?

image (3)


On a scale of 1 to 10, how was your Carnival 2014 experience? Highlights and low lights?
An Amazing 9.5! I do my own Makeup & Hair, everything fell into place wonderfully for 2014. Low Lights, that sun was killer, kept ducking into the mass camp to re-hydrate, pressure!


Give us a run-down of getting ready Carnival Tuesday morning before hitting the road.
The Harts Angels are given a 4/5am call time because we have to suit up and reach the savannah for 6am to cross the stage. Hair is washed, done & clipped up the night before; I wake up, do my makeup & head down to Harts. With a bevy of Harts Beauties it becomes one big lime getting ready & helping each other.



The one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
There are many, contrary to belief I don’t post everything *wink*


How do you deal with the fans, being asked to constantly pose for photos on the road?
It’s great! How fun is it that people appreciate the craftsmanship. A foreign couple handed me their baby once, that was nerve wrecking…

Heidi, Gabrielle and Shannon crossing the stage with Harts 2014 Photo Credit – Devi Nath

We know you are a pro for posing for the photographers by now. Can you give us mere mortals some photo tips for getting your best angles on the road? Do you have a signature pose?

A smile is your best accessory, photographers love when the inner wajang bursts out but if you want a lovely still, just take a breath forget looking silly and strike that vogue pose!


How do you enforce your Goddess identity on the road when your sister Gabrielle Walcott Pollonais a former Miss T&T who has a Goddess identity of her own, plays in the same band as you?
Ha! You don’t have to enforce, it’s all about having fun & letting your own uniqueness shine through. Gabz and I pose together having a ball. We play with WENDY FITZWILLIAM a fellow Harts Angel, if you want to talk about a Goddess!

heidi carn mon 2011
Heidi on the road with Harts on Carnival Monday 2011 with her sister Gabrielle Walcott Pollonais Photo Credit – Devi Nath

Your top tips for anyone wanting to look like a Carnival Goddess? You look perfect all day, honestly what’s the secret?
Know yourself, both your pros and cons, it helps prepare for the day. I walk with hair spray! Don’t wait until the morning of to try anything new, you may have a bad reaction to a new product. Better safe than sorry. When the day reaches, there is not much more you can do, forget your imperfections or insecurities and have a great time. Confidence is your best accessory!


Do you really keep on those heels all day?
Ha! No… By 10/11am the boots come out to palance!


What is the one thing you want to eat on Ash Wednesday that you’ve been dying to have?

Well Gabz & I have a Carnival Tuesday tradition, when the music stops we head St. James in full costume for ROTI! Then Glencoe food mall for a slice of Pizza and FRIES!!! HEAVEN ON EARTH!

image (1)

Heidi carn tue 2011 (1)
Heidi on the road with Harts 2011 Photo Credit – Devi Nath
heidi Carn tue 2012 (1)
Heidi on the road with Harts 2012 Photo Credit – Devi Nath
Heidi on the road with Harts 2014 Photo Credit – S&M Photography

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