August 18, 2019

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I am a Feter – UWI Fete The Saucy Review

I am a Feter – UWI Fete The Saucy Review

Fete :UWI Fete, Yalla!

Price: $950.00
Date: January 13th,2013
Held on Campus the layout was very similar to last year, this time we got parking on the field near to the entrance so that was not an issue. The main food court had flooring laid down, great improvement  and seemed to be bigger than last year’s set up so there were no long lines at any of the food tents. 
The theme this year was “Yalla” and I really liked that they tried to be cohesive with the theme from the time you entered the venue. Complimentary scarves were given along with your wristband which many people used to accessorize their outfit. Hookas,henna, belly dancing and even a decorated photo tent were all in keeping with theme.
Cocktails, scotch, vodka, rum, tequila shots, wine, champagne… you name it there was a tent for it with the exception of Nuvo! There was a dedicated Johnnie Walker bar serving Double Black, several wine tents, a Patron Station, Grey Goose Tent, Carib Brewhouse and many more choices at the main bar as well. I liked the variety and the fact that you could find a drink station at any point throughout the venue, again, well laid out for ease of access.
In keeping with the theme Arabian was the featured dish, I happen to love Arabian food and I also happen to LOVE Joseph’s Restaurant so I was very happy they were one of the options. In addition to Arabian the menu also included Creole, Indian, bake and shark, pulled pork sandwiches, crab stuffed dumplings, the BEST pork ribs ever, sweets and many more other dishes that I did not have the time or inclination to sample as I was properly well stuffed! 
We arrived in time for David Rudder, a performance well appreciated by many of the patrons. Dil E Nadan also gave a solid showing and Kes closed the night off with his band. The only caveat with the tw0 stage set up is that Blaxx was performing at the same time as Kes so you had to choose which stage to be at as you could not possibly see both artistes at the same time.
Crowd Vibe:
I personally thought the crowd was mellower than last year, possibly because it looked like there may have been a bit less patronage for Yalla as the venue did not feel crowded. However UWI Fete is THE networking and socializing Fete on the calender, lots of “who is who” spotted.
Eye Candy
Eye candy of ALL ages,it was very refreshing to see how well decked out some of the more mature patrons turned out as well as the younger ones.

Only used the ones in VIP.
Overall Rating:
Once again I would put UWI Fete as one of the best Fetes you can choose to patronize for the season, if only for the excellent development and follow through with theme, variety of food options, choice of drinks and the fact that your contribution to the fete is also going to a good cause. I love the layout of the venue and the familiar faces you see in the crowd, so a solid 8.5 out of 10 for me.

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