November 11, 2019

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I am Feter – Fantasy Savage Saturday The Saucy Review

I am Feter – Fantasy Savage Saturday The Saucy Review

Fete : Fantasy Savage, Pier 1, Chaguaramas 
Price: $300.00
Date: January 5th,2013
Pier 1, the go to location for carnival cooler fetes.  Main stage to the front, directly opposite the entrance. Pier 1 parking lot offered secured parking for $20 and free parking on the road as is the norm.  There was no traffic at 11:30 pm. A lot of cars yes, but moving cars.  There were reports of other people being stuck in traffic for hours but this was not my experience.

Fantasy and bmobile banners decorated the venue.  Nothing too fancy, this was after all supposed to be a cooler fete, no bells and whistles necessary. K.I.S.S in full effect.
Saw many party goers with ginormous coolers, some of them appeared to have bought the coolers on their way into the fete!  There were 3 bars that I could identify selling chasers and mixed drinks using a chit system.  For anyone without a cooler and wanting to purchase drinks, a cooler fete, featuring Machel is NOT the place you want to go to and have to move, stumble over invisible coolers and lose your spot to buy drinks. Bring your coolers!!! 
The usual fare of gyros, hamburgers and wings were on sale at the entrance, close to the chit area.  There were 3 vendors with food inside the venue and the usual Pier 1 vendors outside on the street.

We got there just in time to see K-Rich make his way onto the stage.  Singing both his last year and this year’s songs he hyped the crowd up sufficiently, pretending to remove his shirt for the ladies. He came back for his encore to sing his hit Wine Back, driving the ladies mad once again.
K-Rich was followed by a short DJ stint which heralded the entrance of the man himself Machel Montano HD. Machel made his way onto the stage with enough fog to fog up the street outside of Pier 1 for an hour after he started. For his first performance of the season Machel gave a long, solid set including his 2012 offerings and of course his new songs which he seemed to be testing for Soca Monarch and Road March viability. We heard fog up the place about 5 times during that night.  Guest appearances were made by Drupatee and Patrice Roberts along with Farmer Nappy, who shared a moment with Machel where they sang back and forth, accapella-ish songs from as far back as Gyal Farm.  Andrew Lewis, Trinidad’s Olympic sailor joined Machel on stage for a swig or five of 3-Zero rum chased with a wine and jook for the screaming ladies.  Rumor had it that Machel was slated to perform at Tribe ICE that night as well but he proved that rumor false with his extra long set where he indicated that he would be performing at all of Fantasy’s fetes, in their jouvert band and exclusively on the road with Savage on Carnival Monday and Tuesday.  For the first time in a long time I heard people saying that Machel ‘could come off now’ since they were ready to party hard to just the DJ.
Crowd Vibe:
If its one thing Fantasy people love to do is make sure they party and party hard. Fantasy’s crowd is never stush. They arrive ready to party and leave chipping and wining ready for the next wine at the next fete. Pier 1 was packed to capacity with people and coolers and even the people all the way to the back close to the entrance who arrived late were waylaying as if they had been there all night. 
Eye Candy
Fantasy is heaven on earth for women.  Most other places we go to are filled with women and men are in their glee. Well both men and women were in their glee at Fantasy. And if the band on the road is anything like Saturday there will be many carnival tabancas for people to mind come Ash Wednesday.
Pier 1 bathrooms were used for the night, as well as some regular portable potties close to the entrance. I did not use any so I don’t know how well kept they were throughout the night.
Overall Rating:
I would give Fantasy an 8 out of 10, purely because of the vibe.  I think if this fete had no live performances and no top billed DJs and you and your crew came with your cooler ready to party, you would find a Pier 1 filled with like minded people whose main purpose would be to enjoy their nights to the fullest. 

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