June 16, 2019

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It Aint Over Till Its Cropover… The Review FINALLY!

It Aint Over Till Its Cropover… The Review FINALLY!

So, I realized I never gave a review of my Cropover 2011 experience, the problem with getting it done was that I came back and dove straight into a slew of band launches and just never found the time to focus on my Cropover review. 
Well, since I will be returning to Barbados for Cropover 2012  I am finally going to do my LONG overdue Cropover 2011 review.
I flew Caribbean Airlines and thought the flight itself was uneventful it was on time both departing and returning to Trinidad. I paid around $1200.00TT for my ticket but I booked early.
We stayed in a one bedroom apartment at Worthing Court. Nothing fancy, a basic older hotel but it was CLEAN, priced within budget,  well maintained and in a great location. There were also kitchen facilities if you wanted to do your own cooking  and a separate living area with sofa bed.We were walking distance to Worthing Beach , 5 minutes tops driving to Accra or the Gap, there were restaurants, shops and a supermarket within walking distance. The only thing that faulted the hotel was that WIFI was unreliable with spotty service the entire time we were there. They assured us it was an issue they were trying to rectify and that the problem was isolated during our stay. If they were to address this issue I would not hesitate to stay here again.

Bathsheba Experience (All Inclusive)

Advertised as “Sea Side Glam” we were really looking forward to this fete as we were told it was one of the must go to events on the Cropover Calender. It is a somewhat long drive to Bathsheba from the South Coast where we were staying but we went with a local who knew all the shortcuts to get there.
Parking was at a school and we were shuttled to the venue. I have to say I was very surprised at the location, it was in a rural area so we arrived to the residents liming outside in their shower caps  taking in the night’s entertainment of patrons and the party.
The “villa” apparently had an ocean view but since we got there at night we did not see anything but the tops of coconut trees. The villa itself was nothing fancy, the VIP area was located rooftop with the main party area below. In VIP we had Nuvo and Moet and Johnnie Walker at the main bar. The menu was pretty limited for an all inlcuisve in the $100.00US price range. There was spaghetti, rice, chicken available in VIP and the other food tent downstairs offered in addition to the aforementioned items mini spring rolls and pot stickers. I had to remind myself we were not in Trinidad anymore and therefore could not compare to the All Inclusive parties at home.

Overall vibe and crowd of the party was a bit sedated, people were liming around while others were having a good time dancing but for us we pretty much limed and lounged until it was time to leave. Maybe it was the fact that it was our first fete and we were still getting used to the music. 

The chaos ensued leaving the party, the shuttles that got us there stopped working for some reason. Now, we left the party earlier than planned and at that time there were shuttles showing up sporadically, I was told later on that there were no shuttles at all. So after a very long wait we decided to walk UP hill , along the way we were lucky to get a shuttle which took us back to the car park.
For 2012 I will give this fete a miss. The drive was rather long for a mediocre fete and for the price I did not think what was offered was worth it for me. To their credit the organizer of Bathsheba did call and apologize for the issues that we had which was very nice of her. Hopefully they are addressed for Cropover 2012 and I do wish her luck with Batsheba Experience 2012.

Scorch Cruise
I have a problem with a departure time being advertised and when you show up on time it takes another two hours before the boat leaves! Knowing that we were also going to Bliss later on that evening we were very anxious to get this cruise started so we could return in time to get ready for our other event. To say the wait was annoying would be an understatement, we were totally fed up until we got on the cruise.
What can I say about Scorch? It was amazing! Had a great time because EVERYONE was having a fantastic time jamming in the blazing sun at sea to D.J. Private Ryan and consuming copious amounts of alcohol. This is a cooler cruise/walk with your own drinks. You are provided with chasers, ice and cups and everyone was pretty generous in sharing their drinks as well as waist!  Eye candy GALORE, at one point I asked the guys if they all went to the same gym! I don’t think I stopped dancing on this cruise until we docked. 
A definite must do for Cropover 2012 if it is the ONLY event I go to, it was that good.

Bliss All Inclusive 
The ONLY thing I regret with Bliss is that it was on the same day as Scorch and I honestly needed more time to recover as well as we got there at night with only a few hours to party. This event started at 3PM so we missed a lot of the good stuff owing to the fact that Scorch cruise departed late and returned late.
The venue was absolutely beautiful, a tree lined driveway led to a gorgeous villa with sprawling grounds. It was nicely decorated as well with decorated tents, ambiance lighting , Chinese lanterns and out door seating with couches set up on the lawn. 
There were several food tents and I did sample the Caribbean and Pasta which were good. There was a main bar where I had lots of water (had enough alcohol for the day). Like I said I was recovering from Scorch so after mingling , dancing and liming with some of the Trinis I saw I just chilled out on one of those lovely lounges on the lawn until I was ready to leave.
For 2012 I hope I can do Bliss again as it was on par with one of the nicer All Inclusives in Trinidad,  however if it is the same day as Scorch I am going to have to think long and hard as I felt as if I missed out on the total Bliss experience. 
You can view photos of Bliss HERE and HERE.
Booze Cruise
This was the most anticipated event for me based on previous reviews as well as the fact that securing tickets were a nightmare. Luckily Triniscene stepped in and got my tickets for me. The cruise was so popular that it was split in two; Caesars Army and crew were on a Booze Catamaran while we were on the original Harbour Master cruise.
For the price you got breakfast at the Boatyard, I liked the set up with coconut man and breakfast made on the spot. You also got lunch and drinks were included. 
The weather was not the best so the vibes on the cruise was a bit slow in the beginning I could not help comparing to Scorch which was crazy from the moment we dropped anchor. However after lunch the party picked up on the top deck with performances by Allison Hinds and Swappi .
Once we came back to land the after party continued at the Boat Yard and I have to say I enjoyed this much more than the actual cruise as we had several performers give a mini concert in the rain. Overall I would do Booze Cruise again just to see if with better weather it could live up to its reputation.
Baje International 

I played in the Island People section in Baje International, Flashing Lights. From registration to costume pick up I had zero issues with service. Registration at Island People’s mas camp was very easy and efficient and pick up in Barbados was also hassle free.  We even got a “goody bag” with a cup and bandanna in it. The costume fit out the box with no adjustments needed and was pretty cute; came with all the accessories as pictured. Again, I was not expecting costuming on the level I am used to in Trinidad but was pleasantly surprised that it did indeed fit well and looked good. The only complaint was that my bra was bare at some point during the day as the decoration to the top fell off, and it was a problem with most of the bras in that section from what I saw. I guess glue on spandex plus rain means that the decoration just does not stick.
We started off with sun when we met the band but by the time we reached the Stadium the sky opened and DRENCHED us as we crossed the “stage”. You would think the rain would put a damper on things but no, we just drank more rum and wined some more. It was the best! Eventually the rain stopped , feathers dried and the band continued along the parade route (I am not familiar with the exact route we took). Masqueraders in Baje were a fun bunch, no inhibitions and plenty wukking up, also there were many Trini faces in the band.
All too soon we were at the end of the route and headed for lunch… which signaled the end of Kadooment for Baje. The lunch tents were pure chaos for food,one of the guys I was with had to get my lunch for me. Plus rain started to drizzle again and this was not Trinidad, so no blankets, no tents nothing but grass and open sky. As much as I enjoyed Baje and would play with them again I wish they offered scotch in addition to the rum and Banks, that the parade could continue after lunch and the actual distribution of the lunch was not such a mess.

Here is looking forward to Cropover 2012.. the countdown is on!

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