August 18, 2019

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It’s getting Toxik!

It’s getting Toxik!

So, I was informed that Red Unlimited does not compete in St Lucia Carnival hence the reason they reuse costumes from Trinidad Carnival and I also got confirmation from Spice that Sea Salt Frontline was sold to Red under the conditions that the design be modified.

I am not going to get into any long debate about the reuse of costumes from Trinidad in other Carnivals, especially since the overseas masqueraders do not seem to mind wearing recycled costumes and the Trinidad bands are trying to recoup their losses; who am I to decry them for making a dollar?

However, I thought it interesting that St Lucian Carnival band Toxik not only has TWO sections from Pulse 8 Trinidad Carnival 2009 as sections in their presentation “Dreams…Living the Impossible”;

Pulse 8 band launch, Trinidad Carnival 2009

Toxik, St Lucia Carnival 2009

BUT they also recycled a costume that has already been recycled in 2007 by the band Just 4 Fun!!

Wicked Waitress, Pulse 8 2007

Just 4 Fun St Lucia Carnival 2007

Wicked Waitress (Pulse 8 2007) is brought to life yet again as “De Javu”…de ja vu indeed!!

“De Javu”
Toxik St Lucia Carnival 2009


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