BLOCKO Street Party – Frenchmen Party ($4500JA/$40USD) This is your welcome to Jamaica fete and what a welcome it is. I love the casual nature of this fete, as it is basically a street party which includes unlimited drinks! I don’t think Johnny Walker black ever ran out and we left after the last note of soca was played. Though I think this year was much better in terms of vibe at Blocko it is still to me more of a low key soca session rather than a bruk out jam. Not that this is a bad thing as it sets the tone for the build up for the rest of the weekend, and you get a chance to do the ease into the hectic weekend ahead.

blocko 2
Carnival Chasers pose for a photo at Blocko
blocko 1
Soca Superstars Kerwin Du Bois and Destra Garcia mingle with the crowd at Blocko
Duck Work – SCORCH ($20USD, Women/ $30USD, Men) This marked Scorch’s first fete at Carnival in Jamaica, and though I was less than impressed with the décor of the venue (I am used to the usual quality that I have come to expect from Jamaican events). Nonetheless this fete had nonstop vibes from beginning to end, so much so that the next day it was like waking up in the movie The Hangover! What I liked was the poolside location, hopefully next year they fancy it up a bit. The space was just right for the crowd turn out and price. At 20.00US for a female you can more than stock your cooler! Scorch DJs kept the energy up and the pump going right through the night. Things got crazy, things got wild, and it all went hazy after the champagne started popping.We shall definitely repeat for 2016.
scorch 1
Scorch Dawg
scorch 2
Spotted: Carnival Chaser Crew
Sunrise Breakfast Party – Sunnation ($90USD) My first time at this much lauded breakfast party and I am kicking myself for missing it last year. After recovering from Scorch we got to Sunrise when sun was already up. I immediately took to the layout, look and feel of the fete which was already in full swing. After a welcome drink of Patron Snow Cones we made our way for breakfast. The dining /food area was nicely laid out with adequate seating, tubs of water were strategically placed which I thought was very considerate for those who needed a drink without having to trek to the bar. There were many breakfast items to choose from on the menu, we went with ackee and salt fish which was tasty. After breakfast it was time to party just as Machel Montano took to the stage and kicked the fete into high gear. From that moment on it was FETE; drinks flowing as the sun rose higher in the sky, music pumping and waistline moving. The energy of this fete was palpable, the vibe amazing, the people just radiated fun. Maglie Denver Nuggets When the heat got too much for some you could escape to the covered areas, take a seat on comfy couches on the raised platform or find you a misting zone. Hands down Sunrise was one of the BEST events I attended so far for 2015.
Party-goer living in the moment of pure euphoria at Sunrise Breakfast party
sunrise 1
Machel Montano aka Monk Monte performs at Sunrise Breakfast party
sunrise 2
A shot of the crowd at Sunrise!
Bazodee – Frenchmen Party ($8500JA/$75USD) Once you survived three days of nonstop parties, this is the ultimate end of the feteing for Carnival in Jamaica. A premium all inclusive event, the venue for Bazodee is lovely, with a separate dining area complete with seating and ambiance lighting. If you haven’t had a chance to indulge in Jamaican cuisine this is the fete where you can sample the most delicious curry goat and white rice, trust me it is the best! My only criticism is that the menu seemed scaled back from last year, where there was a wider variety of food options, drinks however were not.

  • As I was conserving my energy for the road the next day, we did not close off this fete as had been the custom over the past days. From all reports things got into a groove after we left and a great time was had by those who remained.