November 19, 2019

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Let’s talk prices……

Let’s talk prices……

If you are still recovering from sticker shock after the release of prices from TRIBE and Fantasy yesterday I am here to break it down for you and do some math.


Across the board a BASIC backline  ( bra, belt, tiara headpiece) is at cheapest $4200.00, start adding all the extras  like a larger headpiece, collar and leg pieces and that is when the price goes up.

The cheapest backline I found so far is Harts  “Cleopatra” Bronze package, which is barely under $4000.00 with an all inclusive option. The most expensive is Bliss “Butterflies, Beasts and Bacchanal” at $6295.00.


This is where things get interesting. Fantasy’s prices for frontline with everything included range from  $7155.00 to $11,999.00 with 12 frontline sections out of 13 pricing at under $8000.00. Sirens is the most expensive frontline for Fantasy.

At TRIBE  frontlines with everything included range from $6695.00 to $9870.00 with six sections out of 11 under $8000.00 (no pricing for Cheyenne). TRIBE’s most expensive frontline is “Tribal Warrior” at $9870.00

At Bliss 3 out of 7 frontline sections price under $8000.00 with their cheapest being $6475.00. Two sections you are asked to contact Bliss as no pricing is available. Their most expensive frontline is Butterflies, Beasts and Bacchanal at $10,485.00.

Harts does not offer a “frontline” per se as they offer packages in bronze, silver, gold and platinum . The cheapest platinum package is $7980.00 and their most expensive advertised package is  “Emilice” at $18,170.00 which is the most expensive “frontline” in all the bands so far. Cheapest frontline is TRIBE’s “Comanche Sunset” not including backpack or war bonnet headpiece at $5965.00

What I find interesting is that some frontlines look like what we used to call a backline just a few years ago as the body wear is the same as backline ,the only difference being a slightly different headpiece. And, in some bands a Frontline looks like what is called an Individual in another band so calculating the “value” by looking at costume ONLY is very subjective and also a personal choice.

What I might think too much money for too little costume, someone else might think it is worth it because they also add in the “experience” of the band to the price.

The bottom line is that in ALL the bands so far we have seen an increase in prices (a few actually have prices lower than last year for Frontline). If you are a frontline masquerader you already know the range of prices to expect; all those feathers are not going to translate to a cheap costume (credit daniel). Personally my frontline costumes are within the same range for the past four years, sometimes cheaper sometimes slightly more expensive but I do have a maximum I am not willing to cross.

When it comes to backline, however, I think they are getting the shaft the most as they make up the MAJORITY of the band, yet  if these masqueraders  want to have a fairly decent costume with a substantial headpiece they are now paying FRONTLINE price.




Monokini Bronze –  3045.00

plus All Inclusive package $900.00

TOTAL – $3945.00

Picture of GOLD monokini, 

Bronze does not include arm or leg pieces.

Antony and Cleopatra Gold Package Monokini with Silver Wings and Silver Legs


Amage Bronze $4040.00

plus All Inclusive package $900.00

TOTAL – $4940.00

Pictured Amage SILVER (Bronze is not on website)

Amage Silver Packages all Colours


Dotshea Platinum – 7080.00

plus All Inclusive package $900.00

TOTAL $7980.00

Cochise & Dostehseh Gold Package with wings and legs

Emilice Gold – $10,675.000

Wings 6595.00

plus All Inclusive package $900.00

TOTAL – $18,170.00

Hannibal and Emilice Gold Package with Wings



Mohican 4195.00

Price does not include feathered collar pictured


Hawkeye Backline 4525.00

Traditional Headpiece 1,195.00


Collar 480.00


TOTAL – $6200.00


Comanche Sunset Frontline (no upgrades) 5965.00

Price does not include backpack as pictured



Tribal Warrior Frontline – 6525.00

Bustle 995.00

Trail Headpiece 2,350.00

TOTAL – 9870.00



Tribal Fantasy Backline – $4295.00



Butterflies Backline $5395.00

Feathered Legs – $375.00

Small Wings – $525.00

TOTAL: 6295.00



Tribal Fantasy Frontline – $6475.00



Butterflies Frontline $7,795.00

Xlarge Headpiece – $995.00

Feathered Backpack – $1,695.00

TOTAL – $10,485.00




Maidens of the Ice Backline with tiara $4250.00


Pearls of Tanglaoa Backline – $5225.00



Sirens Frontline  Backpack NOT inlcuded- $6,500.00



Sirens Frontline with extra large headpiece and backpack –  $11,999.00


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