November 20, 2019

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Lets Talk Prices

Lets Talk Prices

A friend of mine sent me a message, all aghast, yesterday at the tidbit of information she was given concerning the increase in down payment money from $1000.00TT (regular costume) to $1500.00TT in TRIBE!! If this figure is indeed true that means masqueraders will be making a deposit of almost half of their costume cost come August, so if you have your deposit money stashed away in anticipation, it is best to fatten it up just in case.
With all the talk of recession, one has to wonder if costume prices will increase for 2010; personally I feel that a rise in prices is in inevitable and I expect to pay more for my costume for 2010 than I did in 2009. As much as I would love to be able to pay the same price as I did this year, I have paid the same price for my costume two years straight and do not think a pricing hat trick is in my cards for 2010! I am almost afraid to say what my costume budget is in fear that it will be a benchmark figure, however I can see elaborate frontlines costing the same or possibly even more than Spangled Cotinga and Pheasant this year so that is what I am expecting to pay for my costume.
Now, I am not your typical masquerader, I have a certain priority when it comes to costume and prices, once I believe the costume is worth it to me I will pay for the costume AND the experience because I factor that into my financial planning for the year, every year. Many of you masqueraders have already expressed trepidation when it comes to costume prices for 2010, the fact is we are in a recession and many people are struggling just to make it to Trinidad for Carnival, far less being able to splash out on an expensive costume.
My question to you today is how important will be costume price in determining if you play mas at all or in selecting the band you play mas with? Will the hype of a certain band or costume sway you to play regardless of cost or will your pocket guide you, even if it means switching bands for a cheaper costume? Finally do you think price will be used to price out masqueraders from certain bands for 2010 , curbing the demand and how will this affect other bands waiting to sop up the overflow of masqueraders who cannot afford to be part of the tribe?
What is the most you are willing to pay for a Frontline costume for Carnival 2010 ?
4000.00TT/ 667.00US
4500TT/ 750.0US
6500.0TT/ 1084.00US
Cost is not a factor if I love the costume
All these prices are too expensive!
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What is the most you are willing to pay for a regular costume for Carnival 2010 ?
Male: 1500.00TT/250.00US
Female: 1500.00TT/250.00US
Male: 3000.00TT/500.00US
Female: 4000.00TT/667.00US
Cost is not a factor if I love the costume
All these prices are still too expensive!
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