Hey, everyone, I’m Curtis! I’m a social media correspondent for Trinidad Carnival Diary. By that, I mean “Yes, the Rasta man that wines up on everybody on SnapChat” (Steups). air max pas cher Carnival is my favorite contact sport and I look forward to it more than my own birthday; I love it the way children do Christmas. Living in New York, I get a little taste of every island’s culture, but my mission is to visit as many islands as I can every year to experience each Carnival firsthand with you all. On my many adventures, I’ve mastered the art of snapping hundreds of clips, mid-wine and never dropping my device or running out of battery life. I never thought that you’d notice but that question happens to be the most frequently asked by our viewers.   So, here’s a few tips for my fellow social media fanatics:

    • It’s not worth it! Chances are, if you’re in a day fete or playing hooky (breaking biche haha) on a weekday, no one will have time to watch your upload. A live stream exhausts your data and consumes more battery power than it’s worth.

  • Set your phone on airplane mode
    • This will kill all reception and background data from running and help preserve battery power.
    • This will also stop all incoming calls, texts, facetime & WhatsApp messages from ya man/woman after you duck them.

  • Disable ALL your apps!
    • I mean everything from IG, FB, even your calculator, even though Airplane mode is on some apps especially social media, news and weather still run on standby patiently waiting for reconnection. #EveryPercentMatters especially when you have 2 to 3 fetes in a day to hit and no power outlets in sight.

After I’m all finished with my day’s (and night’s) activities, I return to my hotel, connect to WiFi to upload everything at once and catch up on what I missed. I strongly urge you to get a water-resistant DEVICE over a waterproof case as I’ve found that phone cases can be unreliable. I lost a device to Candy Coated’s Wine Down in 2016 because I put my confidence in a company called “lifeproof”. Maglie Los Angeles Clippers (They clearly never went to a Trini fete.) The vibes were so phenomenal I said ah well and still enjoyed myself.

It’s Carnival. When I’m out I always make fun my biggest priority. asics buty męskie Don’t miss out on the experience by wasting time trying to share it in real time with people who aren’t even there! Trust me they are already jealous lol Make what memories you can, just remember that the best moments never make it on camera. It hurts my heart when I see a woman in the crowd or in a corner and the whooooole time her hand is in the air taking panoramic videos like she’s doing surveillance for the FBI. Seriously, please stop. There are only so many ways you can show off your outfit, hair, and makeup. Besides, you do that every day! Go and jam somebody baby-daddy, (comply at your own risk haha) enjoy yourself and get your money’s worth, please. Fellas, yes you have your bottles and you’re with your crew but there are no ladies in your section because you’re not socializing. Give your group chats a rest for a few hours and have a time. If I see you, I’m posting you lol, Don’t let social media make us anti-social at SOCIAL EVENTS….

See you in Jamaica. I’m with Bacchanal Jamaica!!!! Follow TCD Snapchat carnivaldiary for all our Carnival Adventures.