In recent times we have seen a crop of new ‘designers’ making their way to the Main Stage with the costume design aesthetic on what they deem as Bikini Beads and Feather (BBF).

Fashion designers, Monday wear designers and even swimsuit designers have now saturated the carnival designer market with a new take on costuming. We have seen these designers produce costumes with no relevance to the theme, a swimsuit with little or no construction input, underwhelming barely decorated bras and belts, chain leg pieces, beaded panties, patterned pants and simple crown/chain headpieces. The younger generation now entering the carnival scene may have a sense of appreciation for this style as it seems the hot new thing. Veterans may beg to differ.

What masqueraders know as mas and costumes in the BBF realm has now been reinvented with an even more watered down aesthetic on carnival costumes. These costumes are put together by a either a catalogue, a quick visit to the nearest designer shop by selecting ready-made items which are glued together (if they can) or simply by copying trendy swimwear.

We know that some of these designers can’t begin to construct a costume like the real mas men, the veterans in the game, who could bend wire and build a headpiece; the pioneers of mas (credit wilson). Where are they now? Their contribution to the development of our culture, costume construction and artistic designs are now archived and sent to the wilderness for Resort Costume Couture… or is it?

As consumers, are we going to accept these mediocre designs which are killing our culture a slow and painful death? Mas bands and band leaders play a huge role to play in accepting this mockery of what passes for carnival designs.

As we gear up for Band Launch Season 2015 what are your thoughts on Resort Costume Couture take over?