November 19, 2019

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Love in the time of Carnival

Love in the time of Carnival

This year Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday fall  on the same day, and if you did not know Voice has declared it the “Year for Love”, Candy Coated Events has a whole Love Fest planned for Carnival 2018 and we have some of the sweetest soca out as per our TCD Carnival 2018 LOVE Playlist: A timeline of the affair:


Stage 1: When your eyes meet –” Hello” – Kes

Stage 2:  – You gimme the “I shall return” (and ah must come back) – Kes

Stage 3 :Things nice and groovy, meeting each other in your 3rd fete and you just ‘get’ each other – “Like it like That” – Kes and Patrice

Stage 4: When you start to feel the person’s vibe – “Catching Feelings” – Nadia

Stage 5: Things heating up – “Rough Wine – Machel Montano

Stage 6 : Fireworks!- “Body” – Kes

Stage 7: Carnival Euphoria – “Sweet for Days” – Patrice Roberts

Stage 8: Ash Thursday Heartbreak – “Holding on” – Turner

Stage 9:  Love is Lovely, you’ve met your soulmate – “Overdue” – Erphaan Alves

Stage 10: When you fight for your Carnival love   – “Say yeah” – Preedy

So, how DO  you  survive love in the time of Carnival ? Here is the TCD Guide to Finding your Soca Soulmate


* Keep expectations realistic –  As a single person, you will find many temporary wining partners (TWP) at every fete, one might turn out to be your life companion, however your goal is to have fun. Enjoying your Carnival is the first priority . While it is possible to find love if that is what you are looking for, you need to understand that the other person might just  be looking for a Carnival fling. The beauty of being single at Carnival is that you are free to enjoy the freedom that this brings when there is SO much sand at the beach!


*Falling for foreigners is not always a fairy tale – Sure there are several  heart melting stories of long distance relationships which started at Carnival and survived the divide of an ocean between two hearts. However unless you plan on racking up frequent flyer miles, do not require lots of quality time spent with a significant other, or can relocate for love, the harsh reality is that come Ash Wednesday you will more than likely be left nursing a dread tabanca! On the positive side, you just may have gained yourself a new Carnival buddy, or a future bestie.

*Boat cruises are made for lovers – Ever get the sweetest wine of your life only to have the mystery person vanish into a crowd , never to be seen again? Well on a cruise,  the formula of a smaller crowd jamming to sweet uninhibited soca in a confined space, where the sole purpose is to maximize those few hours of feting makes it easier to find, reconnect and lock down  that special someone even after the bumper has disappeared round a corner.


*When Carnival is Bae (Before Anyone Else) – That feeling when the concept of “love at Carnival” is totally foreign to you because Carnival IS your lover! Do you think  locking eyes with someone across a fete is stuff of romance novels, because they are blocking your view of the stage? Then you my friend are one of those that doesn’t need anything but Carnival to bring you indescribable euphoria,that feeling of happiness that only Carnival can bring and few understand. It is okay not to care about anything or anyone but the high you get out of soca, fetes and mas you heart breaker you.

*Nothing is wrong with a little love on the road – There are specific moments during Carnival that can surely create a spark that turns into a raging fire; when you are feeling cold in that wet fete and he wraps his arms around you from the back to keep you warm  …the inebriated wining front to front while singing Erphaan Alves in each other’s ears…loving up in the ocean of a Wine Down fete putting you in the mood and in your own zone…. when you abandon your friends to follow a wicked waist all day Carnival Tuesday.  Carnival connects lovers  together; lovers of soca, lovers of mas and lovers of culture. Maybe it will connect you to someone special, maybe not , but I guarantee you will always have the memories of that moment in time to look back on, smile and maybe just warm your heart a little. Love is indeed lovely!


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