November 19, 2019

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Movers and  Shakers: Carnival 2019

Movers and Shakers: Carnival 2019

Ok, so we have been pretty quiet lately BUT that only means that LOTS has been going on behind the scenes and with band launch season 2019 kicking off the first weekend of July we are going to bring you up to speed.

New Band Alert:

There are two new bands to look out for come Carnival 2019.

Enless – formerly a section of Fantasy Carnival, they have now embarked on a solo journey with a debut venture that promises something “New”, The Ultimate VIP Experience. Michelle Mohammed (former private section in Bliss) and designer Daryl Cox are also involved in Enless. This band is owned by Avinash Suruj.

Pure – Band number six in the TRIBE monopoly of Carnival. This band brings together members from Passion Carnival, the Absolute section of Bliss and others.  Billed as the Premium Ultra Road Experience it remains to see who the target market and demographic is for Pure.

New Designer Alert:

Natalie Fonrose who had her first presentation for Fantasy Carnival 2018 will be designing for Rogue with her own marketed section.

Natalie Fonrose

Humzee Mohammed who was one of the premiere designers on Fantasy’s team is now with Pure.


Shoba and Tobey who made a splash in Bliss have returned to Fantasy and Entice Carnival.

Tobey and Shoma

Kathryn Gray Inniss of Harts is now back with Entice.

Kathryn Gray Inniss

In other news…

Fantasy Carnival has been curiously quiet since Carnival 2018, though we have noticed recent activity on their social media. With band launch almost upon us, we have yet to get a hint of theme or band launch date.

Sources say that there is something big bubbling in the Fantasy camp, a growing family perhaps? But, we must confess that we are very curious as to the reason behind the silence! Patiently awaiting news…


Off the Record:

Word on the street is that one of Yuma’s top designers is allegedly also a ghost designer for the band Rogue. We’ll have to wait for band launch date to see if there is any claim to this costume.

The “Bling Kings”, Richard and Anthony Productions, are rumoured to have their own section in the band Pure.

We’re also hearing a lot of the Harts Carnival influencers have now moved over to Entice.

Stay tuned for more!

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