November 20, 2019

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Need to Vent…

Need to Vent…

So, as I told you guys yesterday I am thinking of going to a regional or international Carnival and Crop Over was on the list. As I usually do when preparing for any trip the research starts early, therefore I have been emailing hotels for rates. Lo and behold I got a response from 2 of the 4 hotels I emailed so far and they BOTH told me that they have a minimum number of nights necessary for booking a hotel; one hotel said 10 nights and the other TWO weeks!!!

Now, I have been to Crop Over before and 5 to 6 nights, to me, is more than adequate to enjoy the fetes, beaches and Kadooment, especially when just taking a few days off from work to make the trip. Since when does it necessitate 10 days to 2 weeks to enjoy Crop Over??? Even hotels in Trinidad, where admittedly we have much more events leading up to Carnival, the minimum hotels’ nights stay during that period is from 5 to 7 nights!!

I think the hotels in Barbados are being quite fresh, thankfully there are still others that are accepting bookings for “only” 5 nights! I have to say if you are looking for accommodation for Crop Over the time to start looking AND booking is NOW. I can no longer recommend some of my favorites due to the silly policy of booking up to TWO Weeks! But you can check out these:

Anthurium Suites
Southern Heights
Melrose Beach Apartments
Intimate Hotels
Butterfly Beach Hotel
Sea-Breeze Hotel
Coral Mist
Accra Beach Hotel

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