November 12, 2019

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Nottinghill Carnival 2016 Rundown – The Fetes

Nottinghill Carnival 2016 Rundown – The Fetes

Nottinghill Carnival 2016 may have come and gone but the memories live on forever. This year TCD Committee Members Samantha Moolchan aka #SavageSammy and Bianca Manzano took over London by storm to cover some of the hottest events on the carnival calendar as our Social Media Correspondents. Both girls experienced Nottinghill carnival for the first time this year and documented experience TCD style on Instagram and Snapchat. The end result?… Take it from Savage Sammy not me.

Fun times in London with Team TCD!

Here’s Samantha’s first Carnival Review:

Savage Sammy writing this review...
Savage Sammy writing this review…
Samantha’s carnival chasing count 2016 – 7 (so far). Trinidad Carnival, Barbados Crop Over, Toronto, Bacchanal Jamaica, Bermuda, Bahamas and newest addition: London. The Review Nottinghill Carnival is Europe’s largest carnival, going back all the way to 1964- taking place every August Bank Holiday weekend in the streets of London. Speaking with many folks prior to coming to Nottinghill carnival for the first time last month, it’s funny how many people actually have NO IDEA that there’s a carnival in London. Nottinghill Carnival is not to be slept on- and here’s why: Tips for international pumpers flying in for the carnival weekend in London for the first time: -The “Uber” app for taxi transport will be your best friend during your stay in London for Nottinghill carnival- normal taxis are pricier -“Airbnb” is a great and more affordable alternative for those looking to opt of hotel stay – anywhere central near markets, a tube station etc is ideal -I flew in Thursday morning, departed Tuesday evening, I would recommend coming in earlier or leaving later to explore London and near by places: Rome, Paris etc Here we go – from pump after pump straight to the road!


Euphoria- Purple Haze This was my first event and the perfect carnival welcome/warm up. You get there, lime outside on the terrace- sit, take a drink/smoke, catch up with friends who’ve just arrived and discuss the excitement that lies ahead while you peep the vibes building inside. Then once you’re back inside- its time to PUMP! Intimate crowd, sexy venue, great DJs (Nuphoric, Puffy etc) easy bar access, and a friendly crowd. Next Stop: Sunset If you’re up for a double tap on your first night in London, you go to sunset after purple haze, and up the pace. Even when my group and I were heading to leave, we found ourselves running back inside by the door giving a “last” jam/wine too many times to count. Great first night!  

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Scorch-Duck Work Boat Ride For first timers in London, please understand that it isn’t like Trinidad or anywhere else, timing wise. Please get there on time; the boat will leave you behind at exactly the time it is advertised to depart. I learned this the hard way in 2015 for Nottinghill carnival. Get there on time! Any who, there’s something special about boat rides in London- and I got a taste of that on Friday at Scorch Duck Work. Hype, drinks flowing, perfect mixes from DJs, and everyone having a ball. I turned up so much, that I couldn’t make it to any events for the rest of Friday. By far, one of my favorite fetes and a must-do for when I’m back next year. Who goes to work on Friday anyway? screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-2-25-54-pm

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  • 14212681_1081682991923672_6778865233314910477_n
Night time: Bacchanal Friday I didn’t make it because I wanted beauty rest to gear up for the jam packed day that Saturday would be (3 events all day, back to back) but according to friends that went- it was rammed, and it was action packed.
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Icebox entertainment: SUITS UK BOATRIDE Now all personal bias aside, because Suits is my absolute favorite boat ride no matter what location: Trinidad, Bahamas, New York, (I missed Toronto this year). There’s really something unique about SUITS UK. You can feel the excitement the moment you step onto the boat, and as soon as the boat takes off, vibes already start brewing. Best DJs, energetic crowd, drinks are easily accessible, the views are to die for…. need I say more? This was definitely my highlight of all fetes during Nottinghill season and a must do. screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-2-22-38-pm

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  • 14192104_1081981371893834_3155670442657877909_n
Next Stop: Trini Jungle Juice: C-Spot The timing of this event is right after coming from a few starter events for the day- my group and I came here straight after. While I didn’t stay long due to tiredness (the grandma in me is coming out more and more) two thumbs up for the venue, and of course- the unique drink menu. I think the drink called “Jungle juice” which had no description for what was inside, was responsible for sending me home.. LOL.
Photo Credit - Trini Jungle Juice
Photo Credit – Trini Jungle Juice
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  • 14202650_1081988981893073_570371114499746297_n
  • 14141670_1081988965226408_1145201984757328958_n
  • 14100367_1081989245226380_308635112592990993_n
  • 14095995_1081988898559748_5691461906040973483_n
LAST stop: Tribe Ignite This is the last fete before gearing up for carnival Sunday, and Monday. I have to appreciate the effort in having delights from home such as doubles, roti, and aloo pie. What I appreciated the most about this event was that there were two floors, giving you the option to change scenery in music if you wanted more laid back vibes, or if you want to up the ante and turn up at the last fete before carnival the next morning. The pump was too real.

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